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5 Ways to reuse your moving boxes after a Florida move

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    Moving demands using a lot of packing supplies, but mostly cardboard boxes. You will be needing a lot of cardboard boxes in different sizes. But when the move is done, you need to do something with these boxes. Don’t just throw them away, there are other options, too. Here you will find some ideas to reuse your moving boxes.

    Reuse your moving boxes

    When moving you will use a big number of boxes. There will be large, medium, and small-sized boxes. If they are new and stable, you will have the possibility to use them again. Not only for the move but for other purposes too. You shouldn’t throw them away because you can use them again.

    Even though you’re not planning to move again, you never know what can happen. So save these boxes just in case. Here are some ideas on what else you can do:

    • reuse your moving boxes for your next move
    • you can let your Vision Movers FL take them away
    • sell them
    • donate them
    • recycle them
    • you can give some of the boxes to your kids to play with them
    • you can use the boxes for the storage
    • use them for pets
    • you can also use them to protect the floor

    Where to find boxes

    As you can see there are plenty of options. If you really do not need the boxes contact your Coconut Creek movers and let them take all the boxes. You can also talk to your friends, family, neighbors, or colleagues and ask them if they will be needing some cardboard boxes. 

    packing boxes
    You can use your boxes to pack some gifts for your friend and family.

    If you are about to move, remodel some room in your house, or painting the walls, you can use the boxes to covers the floors. Cut the cardboard into pieces and put them all over the floor. If you work as an artist, painter, car mechanic, you can put the pieces of the boxes on the floor as well.

    You can also use these boxes for your pets. Put some cardboard on the floor of its kennel and make sure to change it frequently. This will help to keep the dog house always clean. If you think about moving again you can search for Fort Lauderdale moving services but you won’t be needing cardboard boxes. You will have them already.

    Sell, donate, or recycle

    If you don’t want to give for free the boxes you have paid, you have more options. You can sell them on the internet. Post on your Facebook/Instagram account that you are selling some boxes.

    Maybe even some of your friends on social networks are about to move, or if not they can share your post and help you find buyers. In this way, you will help someone to find some cheaper boxes but still in good condition, and you will earn some money too.

    If they are useless for you maybe someone will find them useful for crafts, DIY stuff, etc. You will get rid of the unnecessary boxes and earn money, so it is a win-win situation. You can also recycle boxes. Search on the internet for companies that can offer you recycling services. Or, you can donate boxes. Offer them to organizations, such as charities, churches, libraries, schools, etc. It is for free but it is good to make a good deed.

    Reuse your moving boxes after a Florida move to express the creativity

    You can use cardboard boxes for some creative projects. You can make a lot of toys, ornaments, frames, etc. If you are out of ideas to occupy your kids’ attention and to keep them in one place for a while, give them these boxes. They can paint them, write on them, cut them into pieces.

    You can also give them some old blankets for example and let them play. They can make toys, fortresses, tents, etc. You can help your children to make some of the toys and spend some time together doing amusing activities. They can make cars, robots, houses, dolls, etc.

    reuse moving boxes
    You can give the moving boxes to your kids and let them draw and play.

    Besides your kids, you can also use these boxes to wrap gifts for your friends. You can paint them, use ribbons, wrap the boxes into some colorful paper, etc. You will save money on buying boxes to pack presents but also you will have the possibility to make a personalized gift box for some of your friends and family.

    Use the boxes for the storage

    Cardboard boxes can be used for a lot of things. If you have some items without their original box, this is a good way to make these boxes useful. You can use them for some tools, equipment, Christmas decoration, etc.

    Don’t forget to label the boxes. Then you can place these boxes in the basement, garage, or attic. If you don’t have that extra space where you can place these boxes, contact your interstate movers Florida residents recommend and ask for storage services. Make sure that the storage you rent is clean and climate-controlled.

    packing in boxes
    If you have some items you do not use often pack them in the boxes you have.

    If you have a full house of boxes after your move, put them aside maybe you will need them. They can be used for packing items that are about to be stored or for the items you do not use frequently. If you are planning to do this, make sure you don’t put anything wet in the boxes, or to keep them in a place that is wet, because they will be damaged.

    To pack and prepare your belongings, you can search for the packing services Fort Lauderdale residents usually recommend. There are better options when packing items for a storage unit but it can be a wise decision for your budget.

    Reuse your moving boxes after an FL move

    At first, you will think that these boxes are useless and will want to throw them away. As you can see there are ways to reuse your moving boxes after a Florida move. Think twice before you throw them away.

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