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All you should know about moving insurance

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    Moving insurance can be scary sounding. It is complicated and it is important, which is not the happiest of combinations. It is that kind of thing that you don’t really want to get into the nitty-gritty detail, but still, know that you have to understand it in order to do something right.

    This is why we made this little guide. It is all you should know about moving insurance, or at least, all you should know without going into too much detail. Before continuing we should definitely stress that you should speak with your moving company for details and options that affect you.

    Moving insurance – part of the industry

    Ok, so first things first. How did moving insurance come to be, what ensures it (no pun intended)? The idea behind having a standardized, obligatory basic moving insurance comes from the rapid rise of the moving industry. From long distance movers FL to those in Washington state, there are literary hundreds of thousands of moving companies. Why? Because there is a lot of demand.

    Moving insurance in context of industry
    What exactly is the moving industry

    Americans move. A lot. Millions of Americans relocate from their homes in pursuit of happiness or opportunity or any other number of reasons. This means that they are creating a demand that has to be fulfilled. It is a demand for professionals that will relocate their possesions and families in a safe and responsible manner.

    The same thing goes for international relocations, commercial relocations, storages, and other additional services. Out of this demand, numerous moving companies showed up, many of which are brand new while others are more than a century old.

    And where the industry as massive as this one, and with the importance of this one, pops out, so do regulations. Some of them refer to other things, like 110% rule, but among them, there is also basic insurance you are afforded.

    Only with a legal and honest company

    So how to get moving insurance? The basic one? Easy, just hire a company… a legal company that is. Let’s talk about that point.

    As we mentioned, there are a lot of potential clients in the moving industry. Therefore, there is a lot of money on it. As relocation is a rather complicated business, demanding professional training, safely handling in logistical capability, the price of the moving companies is rather sharp for most people.

    And, while there are honest moving companies that are ready to offer the most affordable prices while not losing any quality of their service, there are also those who try to get an easy buck without doing the necessary part of the work. Those are scams or unlicensed companies.

    Not all unlicensed companies are scammers, but all scammers are unlicensed. And, even if a company is not out for you in order to scam you, they will still do a lot of damage since they do not guarantee insurance or any other regulation, leaving you, the customer, at a disadvantage.

    Furthermore, scammers will intentionally try to mislead you and make you sign unfavorable deals or even blank ones. Stay clear of any red flags and always aim for these qualities in the moving companies you hire for whatever particular form of relocation:

    • Licensed. Have your company be licensed. That is the only way that you are sure you have moving insurance for your possessions that are going to be relocated. You can check for a license on their official website, or simply call and ask. If they are dodgy, or even worse, lying, run!
    • Well reviewed. Check reviews on Google or Yelp
    • Capable. Good wishes don’t make moves – trucks and a good crew do! Find a company with both.

    Go for more than basic service

    With any move, you are insured for whatever you have on your moving checklist, but that moving insurance is rather basic. Depending on some factors, it will usually take the form of weighing insurance. In other words, you will be reimbursed based on the weight of the item.

    Smashed a 4 pound object and you receive a set amount of money, the value of the object being a non-factor.

    However, for rather obvious reasons, be sure that things you have on the bill of lading are insured in a more appropriate way. Reach out to your company and ask for the prices of additional insurance. They will be happy to help.

    Additional services

    Nowadays, most people take some form of storage FL when they move around Florida. This is due to downsizing and sheer practicality of not having to unpack everything on the day of moving in. Therefore, there is a big chance that your things will spend some time in the moving company storage. 

    Few more things to keep in mind

    Except for moving insurance, what else should you know? Well, there are tons of little quirks, but the most important one referring to your price is the 110% rule. 

    a pen and a calculator
    What else to know?

    In short, it guarantees that the company can never charge you for more than 110% of the original estimate. This means that even if a company made a nonbinding estimate, it still can’t be too far off due to legal concerns.


    Maybe you would rather handle moving to Florida by yourself? Well, then there is no moving insurance to talk about. And yes, that is cheaper, but there is no one to rely upon if things go wrong.

    a guy driving
    Should you just do it yourself?

    If you do, however, choose this route, we recommend getting friends to be helping hands in this relocation and to do it in many parts, not overbearing your vehicles which is not meant for big relocation, unlike moving trucks of relocation companies. 

    What it all comes down to

    How assured of the result do you want to be? Moving insurance is the liability and accountability of a mover. If you want to trust someone, you want to know that they will take responsibility for whatever happens. That is why such insurance exists!

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