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How to properly clean and maintain your storage unit?

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    Although a bit labor-intensive, it’s important to properly maintain and regularly clean your storage unit. It may not be the most exciting task – it’s true. However, you will ensure your belongings remain in good condition. It’ll protect your valuables against those intrusive insects, water damage, or mold. Vision Movers Florida guarantee that the end result – a tidy and well-maintained storage unit – will be worthwhile.

    Clean and maintain your storage unit – the cleaning part

    Get everything out of the way

    Begin by removing everything from your storage unit, and keep it right outside. As a result, you get to start your cleaning with easy access to all places, as there’ll be no boxes or furniture blocking you. Secondly, you’ll have a clear view of the space, and you can check for any leaks or holes in the walls.

    Also, you might want to think about decluttering. The outcome is fewer things to clean now, and better organization and easier maintenance or your unit later. If you’ve recently moved to Fort Lauderdale (or anyplace else), it might a good time to see to those moving boxes fort Lauderdale move has left you with. Either throw them away, pass them down to someone, or put them to use when organizing your storage.

    Cleaning time

    • Check for signs of mold, humidity, and mice infestations inside of your storage unit. Getting rid of all damage first will make your storage unit easier to clean and maintain.
    • Have the cleaning caddy ready to go. As we’ve mentioned earlier, if the place is not clear for mold, you will need more than the basic cleaning supplies. Learn what supplies you need and how to get rid of mold.
    • Dust your belongings first. After decluttering, you’ll want for each individual item to be clean before you place it back inside.
    • Employ top to bottom cleaning method. Start from light fixtures, move on to shelving, and finish with the floors.
    Man sweeping the floor.
    Fully clean and correctly maintain your storage unit with the top-to-bottom cleaning method. The floors come last!

    It’s not enough to only clean your storage unit – you need to know how to maintain it as well

    Better organization helps you maintain the unit more easily

    Once the place is spotless, don’t just haphazardly stack everything back to its original spot. Instead, find a better way to organize. This is especially important if your business office lacks storage space, and you use storage for inventory, supplies, and paperwork.

    After your office movers fort Lauderdale arrive with your items, it’s essential to store your inventory properly and avoid damaging any important paperwork. First, divide your items into categories. Then, label each of your boxes and take note of their contents. Finally, organize them in neat stacks based on their size, weight, and how frequently you access them or year.

    Clean and maintain your storage unit and its contents.
    Good organization is especially valuable when it comes to important paperwork.

    Additional tips:

    • Replace cardboard boxes with well-sealed plastic containers. This will create an easy-to-clean environment.
    • If you don’t already have shelves in your unit, consider purchasing them. That’ll make your items much more simple to store, reach, and clean.
    • Placing items on wooden pallets will protect them from pests and moisture.
    • Make sure that your furniture is covered correctly.
    • Control your storage area every other month or so to be sure there are no damages, and clean it at least once a year.

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