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Where to donate unwanted items after relocation in Pompano Beach, FL

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    No matter how far away you’re moving, it is always important to declutter your home or donate unwanted items after relocation. Whether you do it before packing or after you settle into your new home, it simply must be done. In most cases, people tend to declutter before moving to Florida so they have fewer items to pack.

    If you happen to run out of time and fail to declutter before your movers arrive, don’t worry, there’s time to do it after the move. As far as downsizing your home goes, there are a lot of ways to go about it. You can either throw away, sell, or donate unwanted items after relocation.

    a pile of cardboard boxes
    Decluttering helps you pack less and relocate quicker

    Throwing everything away seems like the fastest option, but there is a lot of recycling involved. Only throw away items that are way too old or beyond repair. In terms of selling, you can organize a yard sale of sorts and make some money back to cover the expenses of relocation assistance Florida. However, the best option is to donate unwanted items after relocating to Pompano Beach. Here, we’ll give you some suggestions on where to donate your items.

    Libraries will gladly take your old books

    If you enjoy reading and have a large book collection, you know how cumbersome books can be. They can easily pile up, and before you know it, start taking up large amounts of space. Since they can be very bulky and heavy, they are also a real nightmare to pack. If your collection has grown out of hand, you can contact movers in Pompano Beach and transport them to the storage, or you can do a good deed and donate them.

    person holding a pile of books
    Books are heavy and take a lot of space, so consider donating them to your local library

    If you decide to donate unwanted books after relocation, head on down to your local library. They will gladly take them and provide them with a good home. Furthermore, some more modern libraries also accept old CDs and DVDs for their archives. So, once there, make sure to ask if they’re willing to take those off your hands as well.

    Donate your unwanted items to Goodwill after relocation

    One of the most popular places for donating unwanted items after the relocation is certainly Goodwill. It’s really hard to miss since there are over three thousand stores all across the country. Goodwill accepts all types of items that are still in good and working condition. After cross country movers Florida unload all of your boxes, go through them, and pick out old but working items, and clothes you no longer wear.  Take it all to a Goodwill donation center and they’ll sell them in their stores and online auctions.

    person folding unwanted clothes to donate after relocation
    Goodwill will gladly take functional and preserved items

    Donating your items here is a great opportunity to help someone. In addition, Goodwill is partnered with the Dell computer company to collect electronic devices. So if you’re moving your business, after contacting commercial movers Fort Lauderdale, make sure to give Goodwill a call as well so they can collect your old printers and computers. All of the money from sales is used to provide job training and other services to the people of the community. So not only are you downsizing your home, but also helping someone’s future.

    Pickup Please is a great way to quickly donate

    If you want to quickly donate unwanted items after relocation, you can give Pickup Please a call. They will come to your location within 24 hours and collect your donations. Pickup Please is run by the Vietnam Veterans of America and they use the earnings to fund their local and national programs. They accept everything, from clothes and electronics to household goods and miscellaneous. All you need to do is contact Pickup Please in your area and leave labeled boxes outside your door. Their driver will collect your items and leave a tax deduction receipt. With Pickup Please, donating your items after moving to Pompano Beach has never been easier.

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