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Downsides of friends helping you pack for a move from Florida

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    Do you have a move from Florida upcoming? Some people decide to put their trust in themselves and their friends. However, that can really be a bad option for your relocation. That’s why we always advise people to use Fort Lauderdale Moving and Storage for a premium moving experience.

    You won’t have to worry about the downsides of friends helping you pack when you do it with professionals. Here are just some of them that you should look into before trying to pack with the help of friends.

    Downsides of friends helping you pack – Potential injuries

    Even though packing isn’t really the part of moving where people get injured it’s still a good idea to be careful. Some packing materials and supplies can be dangerous so they shouldn’t be taken on lightly. Nobody wants to be injured, especially when you want to help your friend out. However, mishaps still happen and you need to make sure you avoid them altogether as best as possible. That’s why we always recommend you to hire professional movers, as that will keep you safe from injuries and other problems.

    A man with back pain
    Downsides of friends helping you pack and move are that people can get injured easily

    Doing it with friends might cost you more

    Packing with friends can come with a lot of unexpected costs. If you and you’re friends never moved, we are even prepared to guarantee additional costs will be part of the process. For example, when you use Fort Lauderdale moving services you might get some materials for free. However, when you move with your friends you need to buy them and know how many to actually buy.

    We don’t want to mention the potential damages that could happen. Everything that gets broken or damaged will have to get repaired out of your pocket. That’s why it might be wise to invest a couple more dollars and get the packing done faster.

    No insurance

    People always look for security in their life. The same goes for your move. Above all, there are so many valuable items that can get damaged during transport, that having insurance is a must. But how can you do it with your friends and be secure? There’s no way to ensure your belongings are safe.

    On the other hand, our interstate movers Florida will have at least the basic insurance in case of any mishap. Of course, nobody from your friends will create any damages on purpose, but if it happens to the pros, you can expect that it can happen to your friend that lifts a lot.

    Save yourself from potential friendship-breaking arguments and hire a reputable moving company to pack your stuff when moving from Florida.

    Man signing insurance papers
    There’s no insurance for your belongings when packing and moving with friends

    Downsides of friends helping you pack РYou and your friends lack  experience

    Packing is really a discipline that needs time and practice to get better in it. Experience will not only help you do the physical things properly but will also help you plan better. For that reason, it’s always better to hire the Coconut Creek movers than to pack with your friends.

    Even when choosing between moving companies it’s better to pick the ones with more experience. So why would you trust your friends to pack you in a well enough manner? You will be using more of your and your friends’ time and everything will go slower. Especially if you’re moving on a schedule you want everything to be quick and efficient. With you and your buddies, we fear it won’t be the case.

    Lack of equipment

    You can’t imagine a move without lifting items. And not only that, you need to hold them constantly and move around with them. For that reason, your lack of equipment is just one of the many downsides of friends assisting you with packing. Thankfully, there are ways for you to avoid potential damages.

    You can hire packing services Fort Lauderdale to do the job for you and they will be worth the money. Above all, even if you decide against our advice here are some equipment you’ll need to find:

    • Large truck to fit everything
    • Strong friends that can help you lift
    • Someone to drive the truck who knows the route
    • General moving and packing equipment
    Girl surrounded by moving boxes
    Only professional movers have all the moving supplies needed for packing

    Not everyone can bend their schedule to your needs

    However much you love your friends and they love you back, everyone has their schedule. It’s not easy to get together to relax with friends, so an actual workday can be even tougher to manage. Of course when friends are helping you can buy them pizzas and drinks. However is it worth it?

    It’s better to choose a moving company that is rated good on the Better Business Bureau and other websites that rate companies to do the packing for you whenever you want it done. Especially getting people who work can be difficult as they want their free time for themselves.

    Everyone loves their friends and likes to help them out. However, there are certain situations where they can be more of a problem. Not because they want to, but because of many factors that don’t make them perfect packers. The downsides of friends helping you pack are many so avoid it all costs.

    We know that It can be tough to give out some extra dollars for packing, but it’s the best choice. It can save your health, your friendships, and much more. Enjoy friendships without involving them in your relocation. That’s the best recipe to maintain friendships and have a quality move.

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