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    Moving, even for people that moved several times during their life, is a stressful event. Having a clear vision of when to start first-time packing, what boxes to use, and how to pack them is important to have, to make this task as less stressful as possible. Being a good organizer is a good characteristic to have. But with this Vison Movers first-time packing guide, you can see what to focus on and how to do it as easily as possible.

    The right packaging makes the difference

    When packing your belongings, the goal should not be to get them ready as quickly as possible. If items are packed carelessly, damage can quickly occur during transport. In addition, a well-thought-out packing of moving boxes can be very space-saving. It is therefore worth taking some time to pack or leaving this step of your move to Cooper City FL movers.

    For fragile items such as glass, there are special boxes that allow easy and safe packing. Clothes boxes, for example, allow you to transport clothes that should not wrinkle from A to B. In addition, the appropriate filling material and padding will protect your electrical appliances and other valuable items.

    Unpacked boxes in middle of room
    Not all moving boxes are the same – depending on the item, different types of packaging are available.

    Where and when to start

    Start by collecting your moving boxes. Choose an area in your apartment that is large enough. Ideally, it would be if you can start packing two months before your moving date. In that way, you will have enough time to do it gradually and with less stress.

    • Use a stable table with a protective cover as a good working surface.
    • Have your markers, tape, and scissors ready.
    • Pack a few boxes a day and start as far as possible before the actual move.
    • Pack one room at a time. This makes it easier to stay organized.
    • Label everything. Mark all fields with information about the room and its contents. Write them down in a log that shows the number of boxes packed per room and the total number of boxes packed.
    • Fill your moving boxes safely. Use a lot of filling material in the boxes.

    Avoid damage and injuries first-time packing

    During your packing, you need to take care to do things properly and to avoid damaging your belongings or even worse getting injured.  Make sure that the cardboard bottoms are secured and can bear the weight of the contents. Pack heavier items at the bottom of the moving boxes Fort Lauderdale and lighter items at the top.

    Keep the contents below 30 Ibs. Not because you could not carry them, but because you want to avoid the contents spreading out on the road if the carton tears or getting your back strain when trying to pick them up.

    First-time packing
    Improper packing is the most common cause of damage during transport.

    First-time packing can be fun and exciting, as long as you try to do it in time and you put some effort into it. Contact Fort Lauderdale movers if you do not have time and nerves, and they can do packing for you.

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