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Guide to downsizing when moving

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    When you are starting a new chapter in your life, you will have to make some changes. For example, downsizing when moving should be the first on your list. Either if you are relocating to a smaller home or you would simply like to have more space, this is not the reason to panic because you think downsizing is impossible. Everything has a solution and we are going to help you reach your goal.

    Of course, once you decide to move, you should hire Fort Lauderdale movers. After you do this, feel free to start decluttering your home and getting rid of everything you do not actually need.

    You should make the biggest decisions first

    What you should do is to go from one room to another and separate the items you have already decided to get rid of. You should start with big items and move on to the smaller ones. For example, when appliances are in question, you should think about whether you have everything you need in your new home or not. If you do, there is no reason why you would bring them with you.

    Kitchen appliances
    Downsizing when moving is a great idea- start from the big items

    Of course, you should bring only those you miss. Also, if there are some larger items that have emotional value, think about whether you really want them in your new home or if you would be satisfied if you gave them to a family member or a friend. Yes, questions like these are hard which is why you should find answers before the relocation starts.

    Making categories is a good way for downsizing when moving

    Once the packing process starts, you should categorize each and every item. You can make three or four categories, depending on how much time you will have at your disposal later to deal with each of them. With this in mind, your categories can be a charity donation, giveaway, for sale, and trash. What item will belong to what category does not only depend on your time.

    It also depends on the condition of the item in question. The items that should be thrown away are only those that can no longer be used. How you are going to separate the rest is only up to you. For example, if you know that one of your friends has always liked a certain item of yours, feel free to make it a gift.

    Check the little-used nooks as well

    These are the usual places where junk is accumulated. You surely rarely enter these nooks and crannies but this occasion requires it. To be more precise, these include your basement, attic, garage, shed, spare rooms, closets, linen closets, bathroom cabinets, and shelves. A great majority of items you are going to find are unused.

    Your basement is one of the rooms in your home you should pay special attention to during this process

    Since you have not used them over the past several years, you are not going to need them in the future as well. When you start downsizing, always bear in mind how much space you are going to have in your new home. This will also be of great help and make you let go of some things more easily. So, prepare a greater number of garbage bags – there is a long way ahead of you.

    Your kitchen is a challenge per se

    One of the rooms for which you are going to need quite a lot of time is your kitchen. Of course, you use a great majority of items on a daily basis but there still are some that you use rarely or never. Whenever you come across one such item, separate it. It will also be a good thing if you decide right away what you are going to do with it.

    It is even possible that you have forgotten about some items and you do not remember when you have bought them. In case you are going to use them, bring them with you. Otherwise, feel free to give them away. Do not worry about if you have a large number of boxes. Your cross country movers Florida are going to help you with them.

    Pay special attention to your bedrooms when downsizing when moving

    After you have finished with the ‘big things’, it is time to deal with your bedrooms. However, this is not going to be a much easier task. Be mentally prepared and bear in mind that you will have to check thousands of smaller things. It is also possible that you will get overwhelmed when you come across some items with emotional value.

    Try not to get too overwhelmed when downsizing and packing your bedrooms

    They will bring some nice memories but try not to spend too much time on this. Instead, start packing everything you are going to bring with you. Of course, do everything you can in order to avoid some common packing mistakes. Pay special attention to fragile items. If you think it is necessary, feel free to add an extra layer of packing paper.

    Downsizing when moving can be quite an overwhelming and time-consuming process. However, it is something that will be of great help when moving into a smaller home or if you simply prefer to have more space. So, what you should do is to prepare yourself mentally and start.

    There is no place for panic since this will only make everything harder and it will take more time. You have nothing to worry about- even if some of the items are no longer with you, it does not mean that your memories will fade away. Instead, you should do this and think about how you are going to make room for some new memories!

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