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How to handle sentimental clutter before moving

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    It is time to move and to endure all the hardships that come with it. You’ll have to organize a moving company, packing, and to cover all steps required. Among those steps is the decluttering, cleaning, and downsizing. But this part can be extremely hard if we need to handle sentimental clutter before moving.

    We tend to hoard stuff and keep it for sentimental reasons, but those items can pile up and create a problem. Therefore, let us provide a few pieces of advice on how to handle it all.

    Handle sentimental clutter before moving and do it on time

    When we say sentimental clutter, we can think of any item that we hold dear. It can be a 30-year-old sweater or a ceramic figurine. Whatever is the case, if we hold all those items from our childhood and pile them up, eventually there will be more than we can handle. Hopefully, you do not have this situation at the moment.

    But still, you must shuffle through your items and decide what should go and what to remove. And you should do this before you contact one of the moving companies Fort Lauderdale. Movers can pack and transport, but they can’t make these decisions instead of you.

    car in the garage
    Your garage probably has the most clutter in your home. Dedicate your time to clear it all.

    Therefore, start with the most convenient places in your home. A place where anyone would store stuff. Visit your attic, basement, and garage. Shuffle through all wardrobes, drawers, cupboards, etc. Make designated piles with good, bad, and sentimentally valuable items. Then, decide on what would be the next step.

    You will increase your moving budget

    Do not be sad because you must get rid of some of your stuff. Think about the positive sides of this change. This would be the best time to declutter and downsize. Moving fresh and clutter-free into your new apartment will bring joy. Not to mention that you’ll save some money in the process as well.

    The fewer items you move, the lower price you’ll have to pay. Depending on the size of the clutter, you can save up to $300 on everyday items alone. This will create an opportunity to invest in some of the Florida moving services and make your relocation ten times easier.

    People want to move all their belongings before calculating the moving cost. For example, some people want to move all their hazardous materials and liquids from their garage.

    Those are high-risk items that are more expensive to move than to simply buy a new batch once you settle in. Also, people tend to move all their old furniture that has no monetary or sentimental value. Think upfront and decide on what to move, what to store, and what to throw away.

    Inspect all areas of your home, clean and downsize properly

    We already mentioned that you should visit all areas in your home and gather all the clutter. This way you’ll know the size of it, and in which way to dispose of it. Like most of us, you’ll probably find clothing all over the place that is outworn and old. Also, you’ll find old and cracked dishes, seasonal items, toys, etc. But we are not saying that you should throw it all away.

    A good way to deal with this situation is to find a good storage unit near your new home. Or near your old one so you can visit at the same time you visit your old friends and neighbors.

    Simply make a smaller cargo with all your items you do not wish to have at your home but you are not ready to depart from it yet. Move them to your storage unit and use them at your leisure. After everything is divided and sorted out, then you can utilize packing services Fort Lauderdale for a quicker and much safer resolution.

    Handle sentimental clutter before moving and make more space to create new memories

    To handle sentimental clutter before moving won’t be easy. But think about all the space you’ll make in your new home. Moreover, it is more space for new items if you wish it so. You can replace some of the clothing or a piece of furniture. Maybe to get rid of bulky and big items and replace them with several smaller ones. Even if you are attached to your old items, maybe it is time to move on and refresh completely.

    Of course, you can keep the ones that are dearest but make space for the new ones as well. And pay special attention to the items that are waiting for a fix. We all have a dishwasher somewhere in the garage asking for our attention. Consider throwing it away and buying a new one.

    Handle sentimental clutter before moving and keep the items that are close to heart
    Make space for new items, but keep the ones that are dearest to you.

    Keeping up with the clutter.

    You will handle sentimental clutter before moving and you’ll make clutter no more. Here are some tips on how to keep your new home clutter-free:

    • Be careful with new purchases. You do not need another dining table or another lamp. If you buy new items, consider replacing the old ones. But if you have enough space, go for it.
    • Declutter daily and regularly. Make this a part of your daily chores. But more important is to have a spring cleaning once a month. Sounds silly but it is required to keep your living space clutter-free.
    • Commit to it on a daily basis. We all do the dishes and take our trash out. But taking 10 minutes of your time to sweep through the house will do the trick. Do the vacuuming today and dusting tomorrow. Keep up with it and you’ll have a clean home. Moreover, you won’t have to spend your time off and your weekends cleaning.
    • On the other hand, if you can’t do it daily due to the busy schedule, then set a day in the week to cover it all. Organize with other members of your family and spread the work evenly. All can be done in a matter of hours.

    What to do with all the belongings you decided to remove?

    You are probably wondering what to do with the items you decided to get rid of? Do not worry, because there are several constructive solutions for it. The easiest way is to throw it all away, but if you decide on doing it, be sure to recycle. Next would be to gift to your friends, coworkers, or neighbors. Or to donate to charity or a local shelter. But the most fun and positive way to do it is to organize a pre-move garage sale.

    Garage sale
    Organize a garage sale. It will benefit you, your friends, and your neighbors.

    This way you’ll have the opportunity to sell your items and earn a buck in the process. But more importantly, it is a moment where you can organize a farewell party at the same time. Organize this event in your yard preferably near your garage so you can utilize the space.

    Use some of the moving boxes Fort Lauderdale to better display your items. And invite all your friends and neighbors over. This way you’ll know that your items of sentimental value are in good hands. The fact that someone will make use of it will bring joy to your heart.

    These were the tips on how to handle sentimental clutter before moving. We are sure that you’ll keep your photos and the lucky pair of socks you wore on your graduation date. As well as the shirt you had on when you had your first kiss. But be realistic and get rid of the items that are hoarded with no reason. But in the end, you can keep it all, if you have space for it. Good luck and we wish you a clutter-free relocation.

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