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How to ask friends to help you move

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    If you decide to leave your current home without resorting to the services of moving companies Fort Lauderdale, you should clearly be aware that moving on your own does not mean that you have to do everything yourself. Your family members are likely to be there to help you during this difficult transitional period.

    But organizing an independent move includes, at least in most cases, turning to friends for help. But, what are the best ways to ask friends to help you move?

    1. Ask friends to help you move ASAP

    The first thing you need to know when you are trying to get your friends to help you move is that they all need to manage a busy schedule. Therefore, it is important that you are attentive to your potential assistants, contacting them as soon as your action plan has taken shape.

    You do not want to wait until the last possible moment. And certainly not to expect them to cancel their plans in order to rush to help. This would be really inattentive. Instead, contact your friends and ask for their help as soon as you know your moving date.

    Save the date
    If they are really busy, you might want to notice them even before you get the exact date

    2. Ask your friends for help in person, if possible

    How you ask your friends to help you move is more important than you think. Of course, the meaning is clear – you ask your closest helpers to pack, dismantle, lift and move heavy furniture and transport those heavy cardboard boxes filled with various items. But the way you present this message will in most cases make a difference.

    • For best results, try to personally ask friends to help you move. Because this way you can just discuss it and they will know that you really need their help.
    • If you cannot meet your friends in person, it is best to talk to them over the phone.
    • If possible, avoid using a soulless post on social networks to get the necessary helping hands. Why? This cry for help is too impersonal and unfair to your friends. And most importantly – it is easy to ignore it.

    3. Be frank about why you need your friends to help

    Finding friends who can help you move may be harder than you expected. So you might be tempted to downplay their role in moving your home to Florida. Why are you hiding important information from your best friends? For fear of rejection, of course.

    Not being honest with your friends about what you need them to help you with is a bad idea. In the end, they will find out that you have not told them the whole truth. And that will be an awkward situation for you.

    So be completely open with your friends so that they know what they will face when they appear. If you have a lot of heavy furniture for moving, it will be fair if they know about it so that they are mentally prepared for the tests.

    4. Reassure your friends that this will not be just hard work

    For your friends, your request for assistance will most likely be work, work, and then even harder work for them. They know that there will be hours of packing, lots of large pieces of furniture for transportation, and endless supplies of boxes for safe loading onto a moving truck.

    Thus, your job is to assure your friendly assistants that although there will undoubtedly be some hard work, it will not be only that. Ideally, you want them to understand that there will also be delicious food, refreshing drinks, and music while the tasks associated with the move are completed, one after the other.

    After all, would you be too willing to help a friend if you knew that there would be nothing but hard work for several hours in a row?

    Clasped hads
    Put yourself in their shoes to get a better idea of how to ask friends to help you move

    5. Get proper packing materials

    If you need your friends to help you with packing too, then you should be prepared for your friendly packers. Organizing a packing party is always a good idea, simply because the word party will provide an additional incentive for your friends to look forward to your fun event.

    However, preparing for your non-professional packers is basically about making sure you have the right packing supplies Fort Lauderdale to get the job done faster and without interruption.

    Moving boxes should be your main concern – cardboard containers of different sizes that will store and protect your belongings on the go. The easiest way is to buy all new packing boxes, but it will cost you a lot of money. So, check all options to get moving boxes for free. In addition, you need to prepare enough bubble pack and wrapping paper so your friends can pack without any problems.

    6. Appreciate the time of your friends by having an action plan

    Have an action plan, a moving day strategy that minimizes the time that your friends spend on helping you. One of the worst-case scenarios, when you ask friends to lend a helping hand when moving, is wasting their time. So be 100% ready for their arrival, having prepared a good plan of action in advance.

    Instruct each assistant about what you expect from him and assign tasks related to moving, taking into account their abilities and physical strength. Give clear instructions, but do it in the most enjoyable and friendly way. Remember that you are not their boss, and you won’t even pay for their time, at least in most cases.

    7. Be prepared to return the service

    Another way to thank friends who help you move is to assure them that you are ready to return the service when the time is right. In fact, offering your own help in the future is more important than you think. This will let your friends understand that you appreciate their efforts and sacrifice.

    Small gifts
    If you like, you can also give your friends small gifts to thank them for their efforts

    And yet, for a number of well-known and unknown reasons, you may not be able to successfully ask friends to help you move. And if so, then your safest bet is to bet on professional residential movers Fort Lauderdale with their experience, knowledge, and competence.

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