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How to file a moving insurance claim

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    When you’re moving house, you never know what can go wrong. There are plenty of ways in which your move can go south, unfortunately. However, if you’re working with residential movers Fort Lauderdale, they are most likely offering insurance. In that case, you can file a moving insurance claim for any damages or problems that appear during the move.

    If you don’t know how to do this and you’re becoming stressed, you can stop worrying. We’re here to make things easier and tell you what to do. Continue reading to find out.

    Create an inventory of your belongings before the move

    Something you can do before your relocation is to make a moving inventory list of all your belongings. Write down all the things you’re transporting and include their state as well as their monetary value on the list.

    A woman writing in a notebook
    Create an inventory list of your belongings, their state, and value before moving house.

    This way you’ll be able to check on your things after the move and easily see if there are any issues. An additional step you could take is photographing or recording your items. If you do that, you’ll be able to show evidence to the movers when filing a moving insurance claim.

    Filing a moving insurance claim

    1. Document the monetary value of your damaged items

    As soon as you realize that your items have been damaged during transportation, you need to be proactive about it. Take photos or videos of the damages to make sure you have evidence. Other than that, write down the monetary value of the items that are harmed. This is the first and essential step when filing a moving damage claim.

    2. Gather evidence of communication with the moving company

    Something you should do if you want to file a moving insurance claim is to collect all the records of communication with your commercial movers Fort Lauderdale. Keep track of all the phone calls and make sure you have copies of all the contracts, receipts, bills and faxes.

    Then, create a timeline of your communication with them to figure out when your things got damaged. Keep documenting the communication even after filing the moving claim.

    3. Go over your contract when filing a claim

    Before you can file a moving claim, you need to review your contract with the moving company. You should read and see what the moving insurance covers.

    Man reading a contract before filing a moving insurance claim
    Go over your contract and see what the moving company is liable for before you file a moving insurance claim.

    The amount of money the company should reimburse you for depends on the type of coverage plan you chose. If you chose the full value coverage, they need to pay you for the entire value of the item. However, if you chose the release valuation coverage, they only need to pay 60 cents per pound of the damaged object.

    Let the movers know you’re filing a moving insurance claim

    Once you’re sure you want to file a moving insurance claim and you know how to do it, you should let your movers know. You can ask them any additional questions you may have and learn about their process and policy when it comes to moving claims. Ask them what kind of evidence you need to deliver and about the specifics of filing the claim.

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