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How to move a king-sized bed from Florida

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    There might come a time when you will have to move a king-sized bed. So, for this reason, our team of experts has decided to help you out by writing a short guide. There will be some really important information in here, so make sure that you do not miss out on any of it.

    In any case, moving a large bed is not the easiest of tasks. So, you might even need to search for some of the best Fort Lauderdale moving help. In any case, you should know that contacting a moving company is nothing bad. They will end up helping you relocate and this is all that matters. So, if you think you cannot relocate your king-sized bed, make sure to contact some professionals. They can do it for you. In any case, check out our guide!

    What do you need to do before you move a king-sized bed?

    Before you move a king-sized bed, you will need to make some preparations and checks. For starters, you will need to check if you can disassemble your bed first. Some beds have metal frames and you cannot disassemble them. This would mean that you would have to move your entire bed frame in one piece. Now, metal bed frames are everything but not light.

    Thus, you might need someone to help you out with moving them. It can be anyone – from your friends and family to a professional moving company. The goal is that you know that you will need help before you try to relocate it. Otherwise, you will lose valuable time for your relocation. Think about this one.

    A king-sized bed in a house
    Try to disassemble your bed before moving it

    Another good idea would be to contact some of the finest long distance movers Florida offers. They can help you out with your heavy and bulky items. However, you will also need to make sure that you can remove the mattress and the pillows from your king-sized bed first.

    If you do that, you will see that it might be easy to relocate your bed. In any case, doing all the prep work before you get down to business is the key when it comes to moving heavy items. Some items, on the other hand, will demand more people and more manpower to relocate. So, you might need to give your desired moving company a call in any case.

    What to do about logistics?

    You will also need to make sure that you can relocate your bed once you get it out of the house. It would be, pretty much, pointless to simply disassemble your bed and put it on your lawn. You will, instead, need to make sure that you can relocate it somewhere.

    A good idea would be to find a really nice transport method like a moving truck. Imagine moving from Florida to Colorado only to remember that you do not have a moving truck ready for your bed? This would be a disaster, so you should think of some ways to prevent that from happening. Calling someone who might have a moving truck is a good way to do so.

    A man dialing something on his phone
    Feel free to call the professionals to help you out with this

    Yet another thing you will need to do is to pack your bed. If you can disassemble it, you will have to pack your bed properly. Otherwise, you might not relocate it. Even worse, you might not be able to put it back together. So, if it is possible to disassemble your bed, you will have to do several things. You can find them below:

    • Pack everything properly. You will need to pack all parts of your bed properly before you can relocate. Think about getting some moving boxes to help you out with this.
    • Prepare everything. You will need to clean and prepare your bed (and other items) for your relocation. Do it just before packing.
    • Decide how to move your bed out. You might need to call someone to move your bed with you. After all, it is not something that a single person can move at all times.

    Other important information when you need to move a king-sized bed from Florida

    Now that you have completed everything you needed to do at home, you will have to relocate your bed out of the state. One of the most reliable ways to do this would be to find one of the most affordable moving companies Davie FL offers.

    They can make sure that your bed will arrive at its proper destination without any issues. Even more, if you decide to hire professional movers, they can also help you out with the rest of your relocation. Chances are that you cannot relocate your king-sized bed out of state. It would take too much time and effort and we did not even mention that you will also need a proper vehicle to do it. So, consider finding a good alternative.

    You might also need some storage space

    All in all, a safe option would be to prepare and pack your bed and then relocate it to a storage unit. That way, your moving company only needs to pick it up from storage. In essence, if you are not in a hurry for your move, you can do just that. It will provide you with some better logistical options.

    Even more, you can focus on your “regular” relocation without having to worry about your bulky items or heavy furniture. You can also relocate your piano there or your heavy items. That way, a moving company would only need to pick your items from storage.

    A moving truck
    You will definitely need to get a moving truck for your long-distance relocation

    All in all, is it hard to move a king-sized bed?

    It is definitely hard, especially if you cannot disassemble your bed. So, a good idea would be, once again, to contact some people who can do it for you. Some moving companies are really good when it comes to moving bulky items. Thus, we recommend that you get in touch with one of them and find a good solution. Have fun and good luck with this, you might need it!

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