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How to pack your children’s room for the upcoming move

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    When preparing for relocation, it would be a good idea to leave your childrens room for the end. They will have their room intact as long as possible. Since they have their own routine and can be easily stressed if too many things change quickly, this is going to be a good call. However, once the moment to pack your children’s room comes, you should be properly prepared.

    Here are some pieces of advice for you- just follow them and you will not have a hard time completing this task.

    Explain to your children what is happening

    Before you start packing their room, make sure they understand what is going on. Explain to them that you will be living in a different home and try to be as positive about it as possible. Of course, this will largely depend on their age. If they are still little, this change is probably not going to have a great impact on them. But if they are older, you are going to need some time to talk to them.

    A father and son talking
    Explain everything thoroughly to your children and they will accept the change more easily

    Be open with them about everything. Ask them whether there is something they are afraid of and how they see the whole process. If they are going to change schools, find the new one together. When you include your children in relocation, they accept all the changes more quickly.

    Give them some tasks according to their age

    By getting your children involved in the packing process, there will be two benefits, at least. First of all, you will get some help and complete some tasks faster. Second, they will know that their help means a lot to you, that you trust them. When you pack your children’s room, ask them whether they would like to get rid of some items or not. If they would like, let them decide on their own.

    Of course,  if you think that throwing a certain item away is a mistake, feel free to tell them but try to be nice. In case the moving day approaches and you realize that you may not finish everything on time, rely on movers in Broward county to help you. They can complete some minor tasks on your behalf and you will not be late.

    Declutter their room and categorize their items

    Before you start packing your children’s items, you should first categorize them. The first pile should be comprised of those items you are going to bring with you. On the second pile, you can put the items that no longer suit them or what they do not like. If you are thinking about donating some of the items, you should put them on a separate pile.

    Child clothes
    When you pack your children’s room, categorize their clothes and everything will run smoothly

    In this way, it will be much easier for you to find them later. Also, do not forget to explain to your children what donation means. If they know that other children will be made happy with their toys and clothes, it will probably be easier to say goodbye to them.

    Use clear plastic containers when you pack your childrens room

    When you come to the packing part, you should know that packing your children’s room is going to be different in comparison to all the rest. It can happen that your children need a specific item during your relocation which means that you will have a hard time finding it if you use cardboard boxes. Of course, if what they want is not actually important and necessary, you can say no.

    But if it is something that can lessen their tension, it will be better to find it. So, in order to avoid possible confrontation, get clear plastic containers. Since they come in different shapes and sizes, it will be easy finding suitable ones. You will always know what is inside each of them and you will have nothing to worry about. In case you need some help, count on Vision Movers FL.

    Do not forget to pack essentials boxes for your children

    Packing essentials boxes is something you should do for every member of the family. Since these are the boxes that contain the most important items a person needs, this task should be on your moving checklist. If you are moving with a baby or a toddler, do not forget diapers, wet wipes, powder or diaper-rash cream, and baby food. In addition to this, you should also pack an extra set of clothes as well as their toys.

    When you pack your children's room, pack a teddybear in a box
    Remember to pack an essentials box for your children and you will not have to look for items they need elsewhere

    In case you are moving with a pre-schooler or a school-age child, besides their toys, you should also pack their gadgets, game consoles, etc. Another thing you should pay special attention to are their medications. If they have a certain therapy, this should be your priority number one. Put these items in a special place and keep them with you at all times.

    Packing your kids’ items is somewhat different in comparison to packing other items. Since it is probable that they are going to need something along the way, you should leave their room for the end. Feel free to engage your children in this process. It is going to be fun for them since this is different from everything else they have done.

    Also, you will get some help and at least one part of the task will be done by them. As you can see, it is possible to pack your children’s room with no great effort. You will even get to enjoy the whole process since you will spend more time with them.

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