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How to recognize fraudulent movers?

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    Relocating usually involves hiring a moving company. However, not all movers are “on the up and up”, some of them want to scam you out of your hard-earned money. In order to recognize the fraudulent movers, you have a few options. First, you can choose to only deal with reputable movers such as Vision Movers Fort Lauderdale, FL. The other choice is to look for “red flags”. Normally, a moving company that wants to scam people will do so in several ways.

    You need to know how to spot them before you sign a contract. In this article, we will be pointing out some of the most common indicators that a mover wants to scam you.

    a sign that says "fraud"
    You never want to fall victim to fraud.

    Recognize fraudulent movers – Red flags

    Here are some of the situations that raise a red flag:

    • Asking for a deposit
    • Not providing a binding estimate
    • Not being registered and licensed
    • No presence with FMCSA and BBB

    You also want to see for how long the company has been in the business. If you are moving from Florida to Colorado, for example, check for companies that have been operating in the area for several years. Read as many of their moving reviews, as well. You can never be too careful, even if the mover looks to be completely legitimate. Let’s take a look at what are the common indicators of a fraudulent moving company.

    Asking for a deposit

    The most common way of scamming people is asking for a deposit to “guarantee the deal”. Usually, this comes with amazing estimates so you want to seal the deal as soon as possible. But, no self-respecting long distance movers Florida will ask for one. It is a tactic for scammers and not one that “proper” movers employ. You should never be required to pay a deposit of any sort unless you agree to it in a binding contract.

    Not providing a binding estimate

    Speaking of a contract, you should never go into relocation without a binding estimate. All movers in Pompano Beach will be able to provide you with one, provided that they are legitimate. Failure to do so might indicate that your movers are “out to get you”. Without any sort of legal document, there is nothing that prevents movers to try and scam you. Therefore, always have a binding estimate in hand even if you are undergoing a local relocation.

    person signing a contract
    Never go into relocation without a legal contract.

    Recognize fraudulent movers – They are not registered and licensed

    Lastly, most of the companies that scam people do not have proper licenses and registration. If they have a home address as their business address, it is a definite red flag. Furthermore, before you hire any of their services, packing services Fort Lauderdale, or any other, try to verify if your mover has a presence with one of the prominent industry authorities. Normally, if a mover is scamming people, they would not be in any of the moving organizations. 

    No presence with FMCSA and BBB

    This is a great way to recognize fraudulent movers. Simply head on over to the FMCSA website and verify if your mover has a presence there. Their absence might indicate that they are not a valid mover but someone who wants to scam you.

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