Dear clients,
Due to the fact that the moving industry is categorized as an essential industry business, we are happy to inform you that the Vison Movers company is open for business during our regular hours. We are using all safety precautions concerning the COVID-19 situation. Our movers and packers are making sure to comply with CDC and WHO recommendations while meeting your moving and packing-related needs. They are provided with gloves and hand sanitizers and follow the social distancing rules in order to protect both themselves and our clients.
In order to maintain the health and safety of employees and customers during this state of an emergency, we:
• Practice all CDC, World Health Organization, State and Federal guidelines in order to prevent contagion in our community.
• Communicatie with our employees transparently- every mover and packer will self-quarantine if even the slightest indications of flu-like symptoms appear.
• Provide gloves (and masks whenever available) for our movers and packers to handle clients' property.
• Regularly wash hands whenever the running water is accessible and use hand sanitizers.
• Follow social distancing recommendations and keep a safe distance of 6 feet apart from clients.
• Ventilate the working spaces as much as possible.
• Frequently disinfect often-touched surfaces (door handles, break room areas, restroom surfaces, countertops).
• Clean and sanitize moving trucks after every finished job.
Vison Movers company makes sure to adhere to the guidelines set forth by authorities and health officials so that everyone would remain safe and healthy during the coronavirus crisis. We will inform our clients of any possible changes in our work and you are welcome to contact us for any additional information. Hopefully, this unfortunate situation will be over soon enough, in the meantime, we wish you all the best.
Thank you, Vison Movers

Vision Movers

How to reward movers in Pompano Beach for a job well done?

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If you are planning a relocation to Pompano Beach and your moving day is approaching, your moving crew can be very helpful. After a long moving day, both you and your moving crew will probably have a well-deserved break. Before you start planning a moving day and look for reliable moving companies Pompano Beach has to offer, take a look at the following guide. Here are some ideas you can use to reward movers in Pompano Beach for a job well done.

Reward movers in Pompano Beach with positive reviews

One of the best ways to let your movers you’re satisfied with their work is to leave a positive review online. Some moving companies offer forms you can fill and describe your moving experience. Others have online reviewing options, which they can benefit from. If you are happy with how your movers did their job on your moving day, share your thoughts. Leaving a positive comment online is one of the best ways to reward movers in Pompano Beach.

You can always express your gratitude in person and tip your movers

Offer your movers snacks and refreshments

While your moving crew is handling all the heavy furniture and loading it into the moving truck, you could prepare a small refreshment. If moving during a hot summer day, your movers would probably feel grateful for being offered a refreshing drink or a snack. The moving day can seem like it lasts forever. Even though movers are trained to work for hours without needing to take a break, everyone will appreciate a little energy booster like soda or a quick snack.

Rate your movers

With so many moving companies in Florida available online, it’s not easy for some companies to find work, especially offseason. If you want to reward movers in Pompano Beach for a job well done, you can always rate them. Just look online for websites that provide reliable information and reviews of licensed moving companies. Besides giving your movers a five-star review, you could also write a short description about your positive experience during a moving day.

Express your gratitude in person and tip your movers

Your movers will most likely be working for the entire moving day. Letting them know you are happy with their work is always a good idea. Don’t forget that your movers will help you save money while packing and moving. This could be one of the best ways to reward movers in Pompano Beach. After all, being friendly, kind, and grateful is something your movers will appreciate a lot during the moving day.

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One of the best ways to let your movers you’re satisfied with their work is to leave a positive review online.

One of the most obvious ways to reward movers in Pompano Beach is, of course, by tipping them. Depending on the service they provided, you should decide on how much money you want to spend on tipping your movers. Of course, tipping movers should be your choice, and so should be the amount of money you want to give.

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They are 5+ movers. The guys were professionals. Price was great. The guys came on time. Moved my stuff without damages. My safe arrived without the lock being triggered. I am going to use them again.

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