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How to spot a quality storage unit in North Lauderdale?

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    Finding a quality storage unit in North Lauderdale might be a bit more complicated than you think. Sure, if you wanted any old storage unit, it is really simple. But if you want the best place to store your items, you will need to know what to look for. Like looking into the best moving companies in North Lauderdale, searching for quality premises can take some time and effort.

    This article aims to make this endeavor easier by giving you all the information that you will need for this task.

    How to find a quality storage unit in North Lauderdale?

    Here are the things that you might want to do when searching for your ideal storage space:

    • Choose the right size when searching for a quality storage unit in North Lauderdale
    • Negotiate the price
    • A good quality storage unit in North Lauderdale is climate-controlled
    • Ask about security and insurance
    • Ask for a free truck for moving in
    The most important thing when choosing a storage unit – pick the right size!

    Choose the right size when searching for a quality storage unit in North Lauderdale

    The first thing is to figure out the size of your storage unit. This is something that you can do only after you figure out exactly what is going to go inside the unit. Thus, the first thing to do is actually figure that out.

    Make an inventory list of all the items that will be making the trip and figure out how much space you will need for all of them. While you can always get a storage unit that has more space, this is a costly endeavor and you will be wasting money, after a fashion.

    The best size of your unit is going to be one that can fit all of your items comfortably and have only a small leftover space. You may want to add something to the storage unit but you don’t want to have too much space that you are not using. Simple as that.

    Negotiate the price

    Once you figure out that the storage unit is the one that you want, it is time to negotiate the price. Nothing is set in stone in this business, you can always negotiate with Miramar FL movers and you can always negotiate storage unit prices.

    And you really should, the worst thing that can happen is that you will end up not getting any added value. The thing is, negotiating can bring only benefits. In most cases, they cannot backfire if you conduct them appropriately.

    You can get a free month or a discount if you pay for a few months upfront.

    You should, however, be polite and respectful in your negotiations. Present your situation in a calm and controlled manner. If you really want to get down to it, learn the art of negotiation. It will come in handy in all of your future dealings, as well, not only storage negotiations.

    A good quality storage unit in North Lauderdale is climate-controlled

    One thing that every single quality storage has in common is that they all are climate-controlled. You need to be able to differentiate between air-conditioning and climate-controlling. In both cases, the temperature is regulated but not humidity. Humidity regulation you can only get in the climate-controlled storage units. And humidity is actually the worst enemy of your items inside the storage unit.

    That is why, if you want quality storage space, you always need to go with the one that has climate control. Your items are going to be safer and that is a fact. North Lauderdale has no shortage of such units, you just need to search for them a bit. Take your time and figure out which one will serve your purposes the best.

    Always ask if the storage in question only has air conditioning or full climate control. Some people actually can’t tell the difference so make sure that you mention humidity if you are not dealing with a moving company.

    Ask about security and insurance

    Another thing that any quality storage space needs to have is good security detail. Now, you don’t need to have armed guards patrolling the premises every second but you do want to know that your items are secure. Additionally, you want to know that the storage in question has adequate insurance. If something, god forbid, happens to your items while in their care, you need to know that you will get a complete refund.

    These two things are something that every quality storage space will have in common. Good insurance and good security. While you are at it, see what are the times that you can access your items and what are the conditions of doing so. It is really important to have easy and fast access to your items regardless of what the time of day is. It is not always easy to find such a location that also ticks all the other requirements, though.

    The good storage facility has proper security and offers insurance.

    Ask for a free truck for moving in

    Finally, some storage spaces will come with a free truck for your move-in. Some places will not tell you about it but will provide it for you if you ask. That is why you always need to ask about it. To be honest, getting a free move-in truck is slowly becoming an industry staple.

    Most places will be able to provide that one for you, if you are planning on storing your items for an extended time, of course. You can’t expect a free truck if you are going to use the storage space for a month or two. Not unless you are living really close by, that is.

    Finding a quality unit is not really that hard. All you need is to know what you are looking for. Once you figure that out, the perfect storage unit will not be that far away. Like doing anything else in life, preparation is key. And by preparation, I mean research. Do your research well and all the pieces will fall into place. Simple as that.

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