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How to store your seasonal clothes

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    The change of seasons means that it is time to store your seasonal clothes and swap out fall/winter and spring/summer wardrobes. When doing so, it often happens that we pack away and store one of the two halves. Especially those who live in small apartments. This seemingly overwhelming task requires some mental preparation.

    Who wants to dig out their favorite cashmere sweater after six months, only to find it moth-eaten. Of course, it’s important that our favorite pieces last as long as possible. One way to ensure their longevity is to store them properly. Florida movers will give you some tips on how to store your seasonal clothes properly.

    Wash everything before storing

    It may seem obvious, but the first thing you should do before you store your seasonal clothes is to make sure they are freshly washed. It may happen that you have food or drink stains on clothing that are not visible. In case you do not wash them and then store them insects are attracted to the food residue and stains can darken and damage the material.

    In some cases, that simply means going to the nearest dry cleaner, but for special pieces, such as perhaps the wedding gown or other special occasion dresses, a more sophisticated method might be best.

    You can look up a service specializing in preservation, that provides information on the care of all garments, from vintage to new pieces. There are different mechanical or surface cleaning to remove particulate soiling, wet cleaning with water, and a conservation-grade detergent, solvent cleaning, or dry cleaning.

    Dry cleaners shop
    If it is very dirty, take your clothes for dry cleaning!

    Best Place to Store Your Seasonal Clothes

    After your clothes are washed, all the pockets emptied and ironed or stowed in cotton bags. Now it is time to find the best place to store your clothes. Cool locations keep pests, like moths, away. Also, you need to have quality packing supplies Fort Lauderdale.

    Mold grows when there is moisture, so the storage location for your clothes should be dry and there is no risk of fading in the dark. A clean, dry basement or attic is thus good for hibernating your summer fashions. Especially in the basement, temperatures tend to below, which is also good for clothes, as heat can make your clothes brittle and cracked.

    If you store your clothes in the basement you will also have extra space in your closet. In case the basement or attic smells musty, scented sachets can help. The lavender scent is very good for driving away moths.

    preparing to store your seasonal clothes
    The golden rules for storing your seasonal clothes are dark, cool, clean, dry.


    Our most cherished garments are often worth so much to us precisely because they are full of memories. Clothes should be worn and, most importantly, lived in. One last but not less important rule is to not use wire hangers. They will eventually ruin the neck and shoulder area of the garment. A hanger that is wider at the shoulders will help maintain and support the shape of your garment. Call moving companies Broward County if you need any extra space to store your seasonal clothes.

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