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    The prospect of leaving your state and moving into a new one is scary no matter which way you look at it. Even though you are most likely moving for a good and joyful reason, like getting a high-paying job or due to a change in the marital status, you are still wondering how you are going to survive your relocation.

    Let us let you in on a little secret – interstate moving is never easy, but it’s a process that’s made a lot easier with a thorough checklist. Rest assured that our sample of a checklist will include all the big tasks one is supposed to tackle during this endeavor. From finding interstate movers Florida to shopping for moving boxes, we will do our best to leave no area uncovered.

    Budget your relocation expenses

    No one can lie to you and fool you into thinking that an interstate move will be a cheap one. That’s simply not possible considering the distance that has to be traveled. And even though money certainly isn’t the most important thing in one’s life, it does play a huge role in this process.

    That’s why you need to budget your expenses and figure out how much you have and how much will have to be spent. To precisely calculate how much you are going to spend, don’t forget to include the following items:

    • Plane tickets for the whole family or gas money
    • Overnight stays at different lodgings
    • The use of special services Florida movers offer
    • Road tolls
    • Storage units
    A graphical representation of money saving,
    The first thing you need to get sorted out is the financial aspect of your interstate relocation.

    Although, do keep in mind that there are a lot of things that will help you save money. For example, finding free moving boxes will be much cheaper than buying them. Once you do make a budget, do your best to stick to it. Otherwise, the whole budgeting part will have been in vain.

    Interstate moving requires interstate movers

    The difference between local and long-distance moving is a huge one! While every relocation type is difficult in its own way, local moves allow you to make a couple of trips for transporting your belongings. Interstate relocations, on the other hand, don’t permit such luxury.

    You will have to ensure all of your possessions are transferred from one go, which you won’t be able to do by yourself. After all, the drive will be a very long one, and all of your items are supposed to stay 100% safe during it. And that’s why you need reliable interstate movers.

    Just make sure you conduct thorough research and find a company with the right moving services FL for catering to your relocation. And once you do find a team worthy of your time, don’t hesitate to seal the deal. Book your move on time and ensure no one takes your spot.

    Your interstate moving checklist should include a comprehensive packing plan

    After all, packing is the biggest and most tedious part of any relocation. That’s the main reason why people mostly opt for paying for packing services FL – because they take the stress out of the equation. However, should you decide to do it by yourself, we suggest you make a detailed packing plan.

    A living room to pack during interstate moving.
    Your beautiful furniture needs expert packing.

    For starters, what is your strategy going to be? Will you pack room by room? Or will you pack the items you use the least and then move on to the ones that are frequently used?

    Any strategy will work fine, as long as you plan on sticking to it. Also, bear in mind that packing is rarely a one-person job. Enlist the help of a couple of persons close to you, distribute tasks, and make sure everyone knows their part of the job. 

    Shopping for packing supplies

    How are you going to do the actual packing unless you have moving boxes in which to put your items? That’s why shopping for packing supplies should be an important part of your interstate moving checklist. And it’s a part you should do a week before you start packing.

    That will give you enough time for running to the store and buying the things you forgot the first time around. 

    If you are trying to have a budget-friendly relocation, you could try to locate free moving supplies and boxes. Just make sure you get your hands on loads of quality protective packaging materials. They directly influence the safety of your items and you can’t be guided by the ‘less is more’ policy here.

    Don’t forget to inform people about your move

    It goes without saying that your loved ones will already be caught up. But the truth is that you have a lot of phone calls to make. For starters, you need to transfer the utilities to the new address, change your mailing address, and inform the bank about your relocation.

    Then, you have to cancel or re-direct all subscriptions, inform your employer, as well as all people and institutions that should have the knowledge about your move. Sit down, make a list of people you have to call, and start dialing.

    A black telephone.
    Start dialing before you run out of time.

    Check your paperwork

    Will you need a new driver’s license? Do you have a pet whose records you need to transfer to a new vet? Will your kids have to change schools? Note down all the paperwork that you need to tackle ahead of your move because as the moving day starts to approach, you will be swamped with other, more pressing issues.

    So, do you have an idea of how comprehensive and detailed your interstate moving checklist should be? The only right answer is as detailed as you deem fit. The whole point behind a moving checklist is to have an overview of all of your moving responsibilities and tasks. Don’t be afraid to add as many of them as you can think of. 

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