Dear clients,
Due to the fact that the moving industry is categorized as an essential industry business, we are happy to inform you that the Vison Movers company is open for business during our regular hours. We are using all safety precautions concerning the COVID-19 situation. Our movers and packers are making sure to comply with CDC and WHO recommendations while meeting your moving and packing-related needs. They are provided with gloves and hand sanitizers and follow the social distancing rules in order to protect both themselves and our clients.
In order to maintain the health and safety of employees and customers during this state of an emergency, we:
• Practice all CDC, World Health Organization, State and Federal guidelines in order to prevent contagion in our community.
• Communicatie with our employees transparently- every mover and packer will self-quarantine if even the slightest indications of flu-like symptoms appear.
• Provide gloves (and masks whenever available) for our movers and packers to handle clients' property.
• Regularly wash hands whenever the running water is accessible and use hand sanitizers.
• Follow social distancing recommendations and keep a safe distance of 6 feet apart from clients.
• Ventilate the working spaces as much as possible.
• Frequently disinfect often-touched surfaces (door handles, break room areas, restroom surfaces, countertops).
• Clean and sanitize moving trucks after every finished job.
Vison Movers company makes sure to adhere to the guidelines set forth by authorities and health officials so that everyone would remain safe and healthy during the coronavirus crisis. We will inform our clients of any possible changes in our work and you are welcome to contact us for any additional information. Hopefully, this unfortunate situation will be over soon enough, in the meantime, we wish you all the best.
Thank you, Vison Movers

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Items that cannot be kept in storage

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    Planning a storage unit can often be a messy business. You need to figure out just how much room you need – and how much you actually have. Then, you will want to know what items you will be able to put there – and if there are some items that cannot be kept in storage. These are important things to consider. Many Lauderhill FL movers have separate rules and regulations pertaining to their units, as well as some general rules that apply to all units. In this article, we take a look at some of these units. Keep reading in order to maintain perfect order in your unit.

    Do not cause a hazard to your storage unit

    One of the most obvious items that you should not consider storing in a unit is hazardous materials. First, there is a reason why no movers – either residential or office movers Fort Lauderdale – will take them on their moving truck. They can easily catch fire or explode, and this can wreak havoc on everything.

    a hand holding a lighter as one of the things that cannot be kept in storage
    No flammables are allowed in storage units.

    Sadly, there are many things that we consider hazardous. For example, the most common ones are gasoline, propane, oil, and grease. Similarly, many cleaners, aerosols, and even paint include chemicals that are highly hazardous. Therefore, you will not be able to put paint thinner or similar supplies into your unit. Then, you will have to worry about the bathroom and kitchen items. Many of these contain dangerous materials that you will want out of your unit. The same applies to gardening supplies and lawn equipment too. Find another place to store your weed killers and fertilizers, as well as your gasoline.

    Another thing to note is the disposal of hazardous materials. You cannot just toss them aside. Instead, you need to take them to the waste management agency.

    Living things cannot be kept in storage – for obvious reasons

    This might seem like a crazy thing to even think about – but you can never, under any circumstances, store living things in a storage unit. There are many cases of people thinking they can use their units for temporary homes for their pets, for example. This is strictly forbidden. The pets can make a mess, and you will also endanger their lives by doing so.

    Plants might be a little less obvious. However, they are living things as well, even though they might not complain like pets. If you just leave them in the storage, they will die. Furthermore, their soil can attract moisture, which is the biggest enemy of storage units. Moisture means you will get mold and mildew which destroy your items completely. Not only that, but they can attract pests too.

    If you did put plants in your storage unit, then make sure to take them out as soon as possible. Then, air everything out and try to clean boxes and supplies as much as you can. If possible, use new ones because there might be some soil remaining. You need to make sure that there is none in order to keep your storage in optimal condition.

    Similarly, avoid storing perishables as well

    Just like plants can die and start rotting, so can the food. Therefore, you will want to store it in a refrigerator instead of a unit. Meat, dairy – anything that needs you to keep it somewhere cool – are all included on the list of items that cannot be kept in storage. On the other hand, if you have non-perishable food items, then you can store them in the unit freely. It is even better if they have airtight containers. This way, they cannot spill out and cause any damage to your other items.

    a sandwich closeup
    Do not leave your sandwiches in your storage unit.

    For example, dry goods are quite a popular storage item choice. People put them in storage for emergencies, and this is usually fine to do. However, keep in mind that you should not store rice and grains, boxed foods, powdered milk as well as pet food in your storage. These can turn rancid, and a lot of them also smell bad. Even worse, they can attract rodents and pests too. So, if you do insist on storing these, make sure you are using containers that you can’t smell through. Glass or plastic usually work well – if they are thick enough.

    When storing cans, however, you need to check their expiration dates. You will want to visit your storage from time to time to check these. Also ensure you check for damages, cause those can introduce bacteria and moisture into your unit.

    Weapons, explosive and similar items cannot be kept in storage

    This is something similar to hazardous materials. Storing weapons and explosives is often illegal, so ensure you are not doing it. It can cause a lot of damage and hurt people too, so refrain from even trying to do so. This can be obvious for some items, while it might not be that obvious for others. For example, there are states which forbid even small fireworks. Things like poppers and sparklers are included in this. So, before you store something, check the laws and consult with Florida movers about what you can have in the unit – and what you should not.

    a racing car on the road
    Make sure you are able to store your car in the unit.

    Another odd thing, but which we are including on the list, are vehicles. For these, there are specialized storage units that you can look into. It doesn’t matter what you are storing – a boat, a car, or a truck – everything needs to be properly stored. This includes getting the paperwork in order, having the license and registration, and making sure the vehicle is operable. Make sure you also drain the oil and fuel – and check if vehicles cannot be kept in storage units you are using.

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