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    Have you been thinking about relocating to a nice and warm place? If this is so, your number one choice is probably Florida. This is a great decision for many reasons. In this article, you will have a chance to read about them, but also about some not-so-great reasons for moving here. Of course, there are only a few of them, but we would like you to be familiar with all the facts before you actually come here. Our experts at Vision Movers know the state inside out and offer you some insider knowledge. So, just read the article and you will be fully prepared for moving to Florida!

    Think thoroughly before moving to Florida

    The most important thing you should do is to take all the facts into consideration. This is the best way for you to make a proper decision. The reason why we are mentioning this is simple – a great number of people regret having made this decision once they find themselves in Florida. As a matter of fact, every month, tens of thousands of people move in and out of Florida.

    Thinking lightbulb
    Make sure you take all the facts into consideration before making a final decision and moving to Florida

    This is quite a large number, which means that these people have not only wasted their time but have also wasted their money. So, take as much time as you need to think about all the things we are going to mention here. Do not rush since this is a difficult decision to make. You should also consider how all of this will affect your family.

    Let us cover some general things first

    There are some things that can be applied to the whole state of Florida, no matter the city you decide to live in. These are the factors that may influence your daily life. For example, think about whether you can cope with the heat. If you are contemplating a cross-country move to Florida with the help of reliable interstate movers FL, you are probably not used to it.

    Yes, it is nice to live in a place with pleasant weather, but is this always the case? Also, you should be aware of the fact that this is a state a great number of tourists visit all year long. So, you should think about whether you can cope with the constant crowd or not. All in all, Florida is more than just a beautiful state with amazing beaches.

    What are the pros of moving to Florida?

    When you start thinking about this, the first thing that comes to mind is certainly nice weather. It is warm all year round and there is certainly no snow. So, if you are a person who likes living in a place like this, feel free to start packing! Other great things about living here are that there is no state income tax and housing costs are lower than in other parts of the country. This means that you will have a chance to live in a beautiful place and even manage to put some money aside.

    Moving to Florida means enjoying beautiful beaches
    One of the pros of moving to Florida is having an opportunity to enjoy all the beautiful beaches

    In addition to this, you should know that Florida residents get discounts to acclaimed local attractions. Basically, you will get to visit Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, and other attractions without paying the full price. Another great thing about relocating to Florida will be a chance to visit all of the amazing beaches.

    This is certainly something you should not miss seeing. When it comes to beautiful beaches, Florida is a state that has a lot to offer. Also, if you would like to retire here, you should know that there are numerous communities dedicated to retirees. You will have company and you will have a chance to enjoy some quality time together.

    There also are some cons related to the same thing

    Now is a fine time for you to find out why some people leave Florida after some time. For example, high temperatures, hurricanes, and humidity are some of the reasons for this. It can be quite difficult for some people to overlook this. Also, you should know that there are no mountains and valleys. So, if you miss hiking at some point, you will not have a chance to go somewhere near.

    Another thing to note is that insurance costs are higher here than in other parts of the country. Unfortunately, you will also have a chance to encounter many big bugs, alligators, and even snakes. Yes, this is a country that has nice weather, but this also comes at a cost. So, think thoroughly about all of this before you decide on moving and hiring professional long distance movers FL.

    What are the top cities you should consider?

    We are unable to give an objective answer to this question. The reason for this is simple- people’s aspirations are quite different. All we can do is give you some guidelines about moving to Florida. At the same time, a good and a bad thing is that there are many cities for you to choose from.

    We have chosen some of the cities to present to you. An additional piece of advice would be to check all of them thoroughly and then visit those that attract your attention. You will need a few days for this, so it is better to start planning your trip as soon as possible. Many residents of the Sunshine State also opt for hiring local movers FL when relocating locally. Regardless of how close certain communities are, they all offer different quality of life.

    The first on the list is Pensacola

    Pensacola is a town situated in the Pan Handle. Since it has a wide range of military bases in the area, it is a largely military-friendly community with a relatively small population. As a matter of fact, the number is around 54,000. With pro special moving services at your hand, you’ll make the transition with your family smoothly, and enjoy the sunny weather in no time. This is certainly a great place for a family for two more reasons.

    A beach in Pensacola
    Pensacola is a great city for raising a family

    First of all, the school systems here are highly rated. This means that you will have nothing to worry about when it comes to your children’s education. Also, you will have access to beautiful white beaches on the Gulf Coast. Just imagine your life here- not only will your children be happy but your whole family will make some great memories.

    Fort Lauderdale is a lovely choice for moving to Florida

    South Florida is a world-class destination. It boasts fantastic scenery, proverbial beaches, and prospects for a comfortable lifestyle. Fort Lauderdale is certainly a loyal ambassador of these.

    A principal city of the Miami metropolitan area, and yachting capital of the world, it certainly has an alluring appeal for many people. A commercial move may benefit your business. Besides a popular tourist destination, the economy in Fort Lauderdale is quite diverse. Retail and medical are prominent fields, and here you can get the chance to start a prolific career in any of these.

    Fort Lauderdale is among the top 3 destinations countrywide for summer jobs as well. If you consider it as your place for relocating to FL, you will enjoy a plethora of green spaces and high rises, in addition to some of the most beautiful beaches worldwide. So make sure that you contact professional commercial movers FL to ensure a professional and efficient relocation of your business.

    Fort Lauderdale cityscape - Moving to Florida
    Fort Lauderdale is the world’s Yachting Capital, hosting a diverse economy, and a plethora of green spaces, sandy beaches, and sleek high rises

    Jacksonville is another city to consider

    This is the largest city in the state and one of the largest in the whole country. In case you like living in big cities, relocating to North Florida will probably be your choice number one. The population here is around 880,000. This means that it will be quite easy both for you and your children to find new friends in a relatively short span of time.

    In addition to this, you will get to have a quite bustling and culturally robust city life. Luckily, should you decide to move here, your costs of living will be lower than Florida’s average. According to some statistics, the median home price in Jacksonville is $154,700.

    You should also take Tallahassee into account

    Even though this city is not as close to the beach as some other Florida cities, it has its own charms. For example, this city is more suitable for students. You will have a chance to study during the day and go out at night. Nightlife here is quite rich and diverse which means that you will never feel bored.

    In addition to this, if you like catching a lively football game or exploring an evolving downtown area, this city is what you are looking for. Of course, it will not be that complicated for you to visit some of the beautiful beaches whenever you have the time. The Apalachee Bay is only 29.5 miles away, for example. There is also a number of beaches near Tallahassee that are completely at your disposal.

    Another city that should also be on your list is Orlando

    One of the leading tourist destinations is surely Orlando. Of course, this is also one of the most well-known areas in Central Florida. One of the greatest things about living here is an opportunity to go to each and every corner of Florida in no time. In addition to this, since Disney World is situated right in this city, you will get a discounted FastPass.

    However, the only thing that will make it somewhat harder for you to make a decision about relocating to FL, that is, to Orlando, is the fact there are tourists all year round. In case you are used to crowds, then this is not going to be a big deal. Now you can book your packing services FL and enjoy your time exploring further your home to be.

    Western Florida also has a lot to offer

    The top 3 cities in Western Florida are Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa. Basically, Clearwater is a place you would like to move to if you are retiring. This place has a close-knit community feel and a much slower pace of life.

    Clearwater and a beach
    Clearwater is a great place to move to if you are retiring

    When St. Petersburg is in question, the situation is completely different. This means that it is known for its diversity and for its packed social calendar. Literally, there is a different event each and every weekend in the downtown area.

    Things are not much different in Tampa. However, if you like an active professional sports scene, this is a place where you should move. Also, the job market is on the upswing in Tampa- you will have greater chances to find a new job. You can have a look at our blog for many useful tips and guides on relocating to FL.

    Miami will certainly take your breath away

    This is a city known for offering great trips and amazing beaches. If you have had a chance to visit it before, you probably already know this. One of the things that make Miami different from all the other cities in Florida is that there is an array of Spanish-speaking cultures.

    Literally, you will get to hear people who have come from Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, etc. In case you like their language, this is a perfect place for you to live. The population here is about 354,000 which means that you will surely manage to find new friends in no time. Once you make a decision, the next step is to contact residential movers FL to help you with your home relocation.

    Think about whether you will rent or buy your home when moving to Florida

    There are many factors that will affect your decision when you are relocating to Florida. For example, you should think about whether you would like to move here permanently or for just a few years. Also, the fact if you are relocating on your own or with your family will have a great impact. Either way, there are some things you should be familiar with before making any decision. Here are some housing market tips:

    • If you are renting a home, make sure you know your rights as a tenant. By doing this, you will know whether your landlord’s behavior is acceptable or not,
    • Housing markets in Florida fluctuate based on how many people are moving in and out of the area at a given time. In case you would not like to overpay your home, wait until the offseason when there is a lull in moving,
    • In case your choice is to buy your home, you should be willing to invest in the property for a few years, at least. The reason for this is simple- if you buy a home when the market is high but you change your mind quickly and you would like to move out of Florida, it is probable that you will get stuck with a home that is worth less than what you paid for it.
    A professional mover next to a van
    Make your relocation project a smooth and memorable experience, by enlisting a good mover with knowledge of the Sunshine State and optimal resources

    How to make your project of moving to Florida a positive experience?

    Relocating to the Sunshine State is an exciting life event, that will open a new chapter in your life. Withal, whatever city you may choose, rest assured that you will enjoy blissful sunny weather and refreshing lifestyle changes. But before you make the actual step of moving your life to FL, ensure you set yourself up for a positive experience from the get-go.

    Do your research, and hire a dependable moving partner, that will cover your relocation needs and make your transit easy and untroubled process. Look into quality moving services that will not break the bank. Ensure you take the help from an established mover, that knows the area, and will account for your straightforward moving project. Our experts at Vision Movers will be happy to assist you, with a customizable moving plan, to cover your specific relocation needs.

    In conclusion

    After you have taken all of these things into consideration, you have probably made a choice. If you have decided to move to Florida and you know what city you want to live in, contact us. In this way, your relocation will run smoothly, from start to finish, and you will have nothing to worry about. The only thing that will be on your mind is how great your life in a new place is going to be. Good luck with moving to Florida and enjoy this process as much as it is possible.

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