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    Moving to Florida in general and North Lauderdale, in particular, is a great way to improve your life. It is a beautiful place that offers many things that will provide you with happiness and relaxations while offering you a healthy array of job opportunities so you can live your life comfortably in one of the richest states there are. You probably know this and that is exactly why you are trying to find out how to be moving to North Lauderdale. We are happy to say that we got you covered!

    Welcome to Florida

    So, first off, before we talk about North Lauderdale movers, we first need to talk about Florida in general. So, basic information. Florida, also known as the Sunshine State, has a total area of around 65 000 sq mi, being 22nd state by size in the union. It is fairly flat, with an average elevation of around 100 ft and the highest elevation, the famous Britton hill, being 345ft.

    flag of florida
    Let’s learn something about the Sunshine state

    Beset on all sides by the Atlantic ocean, 21 million people that inhabit the state have very hot (tropical) climate. There are a lot of sunny days to spend by the beach. As for the numbers that matter to those moving for work, Florida is the fourth-largest economy in the union, with around 1.0 trillion dollars,  while being the 3rd most populated.

    Tourism is huge, and a lot of senior citizens choose to live out their days in Floridas pristine weather.

    Here are some more things to look at while we wrap up the state information:

    • Education. Florida is among the top 10 best states in America for studying, as per U.S. News & World Report from two years ago. If you are moving to North Lauderdale for this reason, you are in luck, since you will be close to Miami.
    • Transportation. Speaking of being close. Florida has around 1,500 mi of interstate highways and 10,600 mi of non-interstate highway, meaning there are plenty of ways to get around. Car is a must, though, and Floridians spend a lot of gasoline. There are also big airports at Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale (not to be confused with North Lauderdale), Tampa, Fort Myers, West Palm Beach and Jacksonville.  Public transport is pretty significant.
    • Sports. Florida boasts three NFL, two NBA, and NHL teams, as well as a single MLS team.

    A little bit about North Lauderdale

    Now that we have covered the basics of the state, let’s see where we are moving exactly via trusted local movers FL of choice. Florida might be big but North Lauderdale is a city for those who prefer smaller communities.

    This city in Broward County, while still part of the Miami metropolitan area which boasts 6 000 000 people, only has 41,023 residents to its name and 4.65 sq mi.

    The city has various nicknames, such as “The City of Tomorrow” and “A fun City in the heart of Broward”. Its motto, “Building a Future” can definitely serve as motivation for all those who are moving to North Lauderdale seeking a better life.

    It is not an old city, as it was created in 1963, largely from previous farmland. The creator of the city of the Future was a famed architect Morris Lapidus, the same one who is the father of the “Miami Beach”. North Lauderdale is the first he designed. Thanks to him, the city has some very recognizable, sometimes even whimsical, landmarks.

    Moving to North Lauderdale – get good movers

    Moving to North Lauderdale is not simple – no moving is. There is nothing that is especially complex here. It is simply that all moving installs a lot of planning and a lot of things that can potentially go wrong.

    For this reason, people plan, write an interstate moving checklist, get as many moving estimates as possible, etc… but the most important thing to figure out, the one you should do as soon as possible, is hiring good movers for your relocation to North Lauderdale.

    Moving to North Lauderdale via highway
    Let’s see what you need to know if you are moving to North Lauderdale

    When choosing a good company for your relocation, consider a few things. First, always do business with legal, licensed companies. Secondly, have companies that are affordable – no one needs an overpriced company. After that, make sure that their capacity is great enough.

    Be sure that they already provided such a service without a hitch by checking the online reviews as well. These should be able to tell you quite a lot about the moving company and its experiences with the clients it had.

    Also, be sure that the company has a good website, is communicative, open and that it provides free estimates.

    Schools in North Lauderdale

    After considering all of that and learn how to how to pack for a move to North Lauderdale, you should see where your kid/kids will study. Luckily, there are plenty of schools in North Lauderdale, with universities close by in Miami.

    School bus
    What are educational facilities in North Lauderdale

    There are five public district schools. North Lauderdale Pk-8, Silver Lakes Middle School, Morrow Elementary, Pinewood Elementary, and Broadview Elementary School.

    Recreational activities

    North Lauderdale is a small town, but that does not stop it from having fun. North Lauderdale days are an annual event. The whole city comes to life. Everyone has a free pass to the city pool for a big party under the open sky. There is food and live music too! Just a big thank you from the city itself to its inhabitants who are more than happy to enjoy all of this.

    During the Halloween, Hampton Pines Park will host the Haunted Hamptons! And, of course, there is a Christmas event at the City Hall for that magical time of the year.

    Bon Voyage!

    With all the provided information you should be ready to get moving to North Lauderdale in no time whatsoever. Just remember to hire a good, reputable mover, to research the schools and recreational activities and to keep a cool head through the stressful process of relocation. Especially if it as family relocation at that. Bon Voyage!

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