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    Moving anywhere is difficult. It is inherent in the relocation process that it will be complicated, expensive and stressful. However, today more than ever, moving is an art perfected. There are tens of thousands of moving companies across the country to help you out and millions of pages of instructions, guides, and tips. This one is meant for those who are planning on (or considering) moving to Plantation.

    If you were wondering what kind of life changes moving to PlantationFL will bring. What Opportunites for business and education. Recreational activities and general quality of life… All of that info you can find right here. So sit back and consider giving us a few minutes in order to help yourself!

    Pick good movers for moving to Plantation

    Before we move on to what moving to Plantation will mean in terms of facts on the town itself, first we need to go over how exactly you are getting there. IF you are using some local Plantation movers, or are employing a cross-country moving company, it is still the same in essence. You need someone you can trust. Movers that you will use for moving to Plantation have to be reliable.

    moving to Plantation with a ville
    What movers will move you to Plantation, FL?

    There are thousands of moving companies across the country. However, experiences may vary when we go into the details. Therefore, you need some basic elements that you can look for when searching for that company you can trust. We think that these five are what you should be looking for:

    • Licensed and insured. This one is first for a good reason. You should not, in any scenario what-so-ever, consider moving to Plantation with an unlicensed company! This is not really a preference, but rather a crucial element. If the company you are using is not licensed, you are not protected against various scams and shortcomings, let alone provided with reasonable insurance.
    • Professionals. You want the crew of the moving company to be screened and professionally trained. They should have a good work ethic, experience and high level of courteous behavior. Anything less should not be sought after.
    • Good communication. Planning a move is 90% of the whole process. During this phase, you need to be in constant and clear communication with the staff of your moving company of choice.
    • Presentation matters. How does their website look like and what do the reviews tell about their work? Those things matter!
    • Affordable. Finally, it is not much use having great service you cant afford. Limit yourself to a budget.

    A little bit about Plantation

    Ok, now that we covered how you should be selecting your local movers FL for moving to Plantation, Florida, let us now talk about some basic information about the place.

    Well, first of all, it is located in Broward County in the state of Florida. The plantation is officially a city with around 85 thousand people living there. It is, however, part of the Miami metropolitan area. This means that the city is actually part of the 6 000 square miles, 6,198,782 residents strong urban area in the south-east of the state, having access to many economic benefits and opportunities.

    The town was incorporated on April 30th, 1953, but is older than that. It began in the 1800-s, with draining of the Everglades. The town is actually named after the Everglades Plantation Company which developed and part-owned the land.

    While it is said that “the grass is always greener on the other side”, neighbors to Plantation city can say that quite literary. This is because the city motto is “The Grass is Greener”, or E Vasitate Haec Urbs on Latin.


    There are a lot of reasons to be conscious of the city’s location. Be it because of the lifestyle, business or something trivial as weather you can expect and its impact of your stored things at a local storage FL. Therefore, you should know geographic information about Plantation.

    florida nature
    What will Florida geography bring?

    You will find Plantation square in the middle of the Broward County, bordered by Lauderhill, Sunrise, Davie and Forth Lauderdale cities.

    As for the weather, it is what you can expect from the Florida climate. If you are moving to Plantation you can expect tropical rainforest climate, almost a monsoon climate at that. August is the hottest month, and January is the coldest. However, even during January, the average low is 57 Fahrenheit.


    What is the state of the economy in Plantation? Well, your residential movers FL will relocate you to a city that is focused mostly on office and science jobs. Companies you can look out for are Trade Station, University of Phoenix and DHL.

    Your future neighbors

    How are the people in Plantation, FL?? Who will be your neighbors after you are done moving to Plantation? Well, first off, they are rather young. The median age of the Plantation population is around 40 years old, with a quarter being 19 or younger and fifth of the population being minors. Only about 17.5% are people from 60 to 84-year-olds, while the elderly above that age comprise only around two percent of the population.

    A victorian house
    Who are the residents of Plantation, FL?

    The first language is overwhelmingly English, while the second most popular is Spanish. Median household income is around 70 000 dollars, while per capita is closer to 35 000 dollars.

    Most work in science, business, management, and art occupations, with some also working sales and office occupation.


    If you are moving with a family, there are plenty of good school choices for your kid. There are five private schools, seven public elementary schools, three public middle schools, and two public high schools, Plantation High School and South Plantation High school.

    As for higher education, you can study at the South Florida Campus of the University of Phoenix.

    In conclusion

    When it is all summed up, moving to Plantation is a pretty good choice. All in all, it offers education prospects, good median income, great weather, and pretty city layout. There is a lot to enjoy in this city. We hope you agree!

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