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Moving to Pompano Beach: Things you need to know

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    The city is named after a Florida fish and located off the Atlantic coast. And it is part of the ever-growing and popular metropolitan area of Miami. Sunshine and palm trees are not the only things that intrigue people about Pompano Beach! Thinking of becoming a permanent Floridian? Before you do this, take a look at the following guide on what to expect after moving to Pompano Beach.

    And later, if you need help with relocation, Pompano Beach movers are always there to give you a hand.

    What you should know before moving to Pompano Beach

    Palm trees
    Besides the fact that there is plenty of palm trees there

    It’s always sunny in Pompano Beach

    Pompano Beach, like most of South Florida, has a tropical climate similar to a rainforest. The weather is stable almost all year round, with a slight temperature deviation during the short winters. Summer is hot, humid, so get a lot of sunscreens! Average temperatures range from 80 to 90 degrees, with some low in the 70s.

    Afternoon thunderstorms are the norm for this season, so always have an umbrella for unexpected rainfall on hand. The winter months are warm, the temperature ranges from 75 to 87 degrees. Cold fronts and very rare winter frosts can occur in the city. Hurricanes pose a threat to this area, mainly in September and October. But the hurricane season lasts from June to November.

    You need to register your car as soon as possible

    If you are moving to Florida for permanent residence, you have 10 days to register your car from the date you become the resident of the state. You become the resident if you register your child or yourself in a Florida school, start working in Florida or establish a Florida living address.

    To register your car, you must have proof of ownership of your vehicle, proof of your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), and proof of insurance requirements in Florida. Expect to pay between $85 and $120 to get your Florida license plate.

    You have 30 days from moving to Pompano Beach to transfer your current off-state driver license to a Florida state driver’s license. To do this, you will need your basic ID, proof of social security number and two documents proving your address in Florida. The Florida DMV issues over 400,000 new resident licenses per year. And advises you to know your requirements and prepare documents before you go to the office.

    Pompano Beach has a great education system

    Broward County Public Schools is responsible for public education in Pompano Beach. It is the sixth-largest public school system in the country and the largest fully accredited school system in the country. That is one of the things you need to know before moving to Broward County.

    Although there are no colleges located directly in the city in Pompano Beach, higher education opportunities are nearby. Some reputable institutions include: Broward College, Florida University of the Atlantic, Florida International University, Kaiser University, University of Nova Southeast, Fort Institute of the Arts Lauderdale, Barry University and the University of Miami.

    Employment in Pompano Beach

    You might want to live in Pompano Beach and go to work in Fort Lauderdale or Miami, as these areas are heavily influenced by tourism – both are holiday destinations. Pompano Beach itself has recently begun large construction work, reconstructing areas of the city that have been run down at one point. Some of the best employers in the city are:

    Pompano Park, the City of Pompano Beach, the Sheriff’s Office of Broward County, and Aetna. As of March 2013, the unemployment rate in this area was approximately 5.7 percent, and the average household income was approximately $ 42,000 per year.

    Employment in Pompano Beach
    The good employment rate is what mostly makes people consider moving to Pompano Beach

    City living expenses

    Keep in mind that the cost of living in Pompano Beach is about 5 percent higher than the national average. And in general, you will pay more for some foods that cannot be grown locally. The cost of local food can increase if it is especially cold in winter. Grocery costs are usually about 6 percent higher than in other parts of the country, depending on the products.

    Homes range from $ 60,000 in small single-family homes and apartments to $1 million for mansions in the city and nearby Fort Lauderdale. You may be entitled to Homestead exemption as a Florida resident, which can reduce the taxable value of your property, saving you hundreds of thousands of taxes annually.

    One-bedroom apartments can cost anywhere from $700 to $1,500 per month, depending on size and location. In summer, electricity will cost more if you often use air conditioning, an average of about $150 a month for an area of 1,100 square feet. Usually, residents save on power in the state of Florida, since the minimum use of AC is acceptable for many days throughout the year.

    Entertainment costs can vary. And since you will be in close proximity to famous tourist cities, you should set aside a budget for this. With an abundance of restaurants, casinos, beaches, and shops, your entertainment expenses can increase significantly.

    You should hire movers to help you with moving to Pompano Beach

    Many local movers FL are ready to help you move to Pompano Beach whether you are moving from a different state or another county in Florida. Make sure you get estimates from several moving services before committing to hiring.

    Pompano Beach transport

    Pompano Beach has a three-rail station located northwest of 8th Avenue and 35th Street provided by Broward County Transit. BCT also provides a bus system throughout the county. And also has connections with the Metrobus of Miami Dade County and the Palm Beach County Palm Train.

    Culture and modern life

    In addition to the pleasant weather, which will allow you to spend most of the time outdoors, several events are held annually in Pompano Beach. There is the Pompano Beach Seafood Festival, the Irish St. Patrick’s Festival, the Italian St. Coleman Festival, the annual Nautical Flea Market in the Pompano public park and amphitheater.

    As well as the Pompano Beach Boat Parade. For outdoor recreation, there is Fern Forest Nature Park you should check out.

    Nearby you can head to the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. It offers a unique experience of gambling, restaurants and live entertainment. Hard Rock concerts are held in the arena with 5,500 seats and include music, comedy and sports events.

    City of Miami
    A little further south is lively Miami, which is full of bars, night and comedy clubs and unique restaurants on South Beach and Coconut Grove

    If you are considering moving to Pompano Beach, we hope this guide will be helpful. We believe that it contains all the information you may find useful. After all, it can’t hurt to know a thing or two about your new city.

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