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Best neighborhoods for families in Fort Lauderdale

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    If you are thinking of moving to Fort Lauderdale with your family, you are making a very good choice. Many find this part of South Florida a very good place for family living. Although not all areas are equal, many locals say these are the best neighborhoods for families in Fort Lauderdale.

    Fort Lauderdale
    Check out our list of the best Fort Lauderdale neighborhoods for families

    What are the best neighborhoods for families in Fort Lauderdale?

    Before hiring Fort Lauderdale movers, you need to decide where to live. Here are some of the favorite communities in this area that you should pay attention to when you think about finding the right Fort Lauderdale neighborhood for your family:

    1. Coral Ridge

    If you are looking for a family area that is located near the beach but not on it, then Coral Ridge is a great choice. This area is not only a short walk from the amazing beaches on the Barrier Island in the east, but also close to many amenities that families consider necessary for comfortable family life. The community has several single-family homes within its borders. And there is also a choice of condominiums of houses and apartments.

    One of the biggest attractions in the area is the Galleria Fort Lauderdale, which is the county’s largest mall. Another reason this community is one of the best for families is that here you can find one of the best public schools in the district – Bayview Elementary School.

    2. Coral Ridge Country Club

    This area is one of the best options not only for families but also for those who love golf. This neighborhood is considered one of the most luxurious in the area. But not all houses around it are luxurious or expensive. There are several apartment buildings, condominiums, and gated communities that are considered great for families who want to start all over again in this Fort Lauderdale golf area.

    Coral Ridge Estates Country Club is a territory that benefits not only from the Country Club and the golf course, but also due to the proximity of the ocean and the beach in the east and the many shopping centers nearby. With all those amenities for hobbies, you will soon need storage FL to keep all your equipment.

    3. Birch Park

    If your family loves nature, this community is probably best for you. Being near the beach and on the Barrier Island, it is a great choice for people who love water. One of its best features is the proximity of Hugh Taylor Burch State Park. This is what gave the community a name. The park offers visitors a long list of outdoor activities. This area is a great place for families with children. Here, they can enjoy camping, fishing, swimming, bird watching, and many other outdoor activities.

    4. Ball Harbor

    Another neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale that you should think about when you are considering moving to Florida is a small enclave west of Coral Ridge. This coastal community is a great option for families who love water sports and living close to the water.

    This community also has a number of other features that make it one of the best neighborhoods for families in Fort Lauderdale. Some of them are in close proximity to numerous shopping centers, recreation areas and the accessibility of the enclave itself.

    The community also has several well-known schools in its area, which is dominated by Bayview Elementary School. Other schools where children can easily settle include Bennett Elementary School and Sunrise High School.

    5. Laudergate Isles

    This suburban neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale is another noteworthy mention of family neighborhoods. Located south of Bal Harbor Fort Lauderdale and southwest of Coral Ridge, this area has the same excellent schools that children from both communities can attend.

    Most of the houses here are single-family. And many of them have easy access to water through a canal in the center of the block. The neighborhood also has amenities with shopping centers, restaurants and leisure facilities nearby.

    Beach in Fort Lauderdale
    It is also close enough to the beach, which really makes it one of the best neighborhoods for families in Fort Lauderdale

    6. Victoria Park

    Another area in which there is an excellent school for children is Victoria Park. On the southern border is the Virginia Shuman Young Montessori and St. Anthony’s School. This area, located between Flagler Village and East Fort Lauderdale, is one of the most luxurious in the area.

    Most shore houses sell with huge price tags. But if you find a house closer to the federal highway, they are not so expensive. The community is also in close proximity to some of the most popular places in the area. Namely, Las Olas Boulevard and the beaches in the east.

    7. Flagler Village

    For elegant families who want to move to a neighboring area, where there are also many great schools, Flagler Village is a great choice. There are many multi-family homes for families in this community. And this includes condominium buildings, a community of townhouses and loft-style apartments within their borders.

    The community has an art district, numerous parks, as well as numerous museums and art galleries on Las Olas Boulevard for families. While the community does not have schools within its borders, it has the same great public schools as Victoria Park.

    8. Edgewood

    This small community north of Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is another option of family-friendly neighborhoods in Fort Lauderdale. Surprisingly, the community has 6 schools within its borders, all of which are private schools. The neighborhood mainly consists of single-family houses on tree-lined streets and several closed communities around its borders.

    The neighborhood has a huge park near the center and several shopping centers nearby. This makes it a very comfortable and family-oriented community for living.

    Kids playing baseball
    There is also a Minor League baseball park, lakes, and recreation areas that families can enjoy

    How to choose between the best neighborhoods for families in Fort Lauderdale?

    Finding the perfect home for your family is not easy. Therefore, before taking moving services Florida, make sure that you check to see if you have everything you need in your new area. We have compiled this list of the best neighborhoods for families in Fort Lauderdale to help you. But the choice of the best is completely up to you.

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