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Planning a Business Move to Fort Lauderdale

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    Are you moving your office to a new location? Business owners are well-aware of the importance of a company’s location. They know how it may affect their operations and profitability. Since every business move is a risk, those looking to relocate theirs shouldn’t take this project very lightly.

    Like any other, a corporate relocation to Fort Lauderdale requires a thorough consideration of every step, and identification of every potential roadblock to make the move as seamless as possible.

    Furthermore,  after finding just the right commercial movers Fort Lauderdale, you may sigh a breath of relief, knowing that everything is in the right hands. As a result, your business move to Fort Lauderdale becomes not a venture, but a potential revenue growth instead.

    Perks and drawbacks of your business move to Fort Lauderdale

    Companies will surely benefit from a move if the owners are aware of the shortcomings of the old location. If you know where you stand with the sales and the profit, and what might have been the weakness of old operations, it may be helpful when planning the next step. Accordingly, the next move might produce better chances of improving the business.

    This coastal, relatively small city boasts a booming economy and a robust job market. The executive director DDA, noted that: “Historically, Fort Lauderdale had always been a secondary market to Miami. Then, when prices kept rising in Miami, developers started looking for cheaper dirt and came here.

    We have a relaxed coastal environment, beautiful beachfront, and a strong commerce center with 7.5 million of class A office space in our downtown.”

    However, you will also need to prepare yourself for some drawbacks. Firstly, moving your firm will create some dents in productivity, and disruption of the activities during the period of adjustment.  Secondly, make sure to calculate the expenses such as moving expenses, lease expenses and deposits, leasehold improvement costs, etc. After having this done, you will be in a good position to create a budget as well as your office moving checklist. So, you will have to put in some extra effort into detailed planning.

    Devise a timeframe

    You will need to try as hard as you can for this move not to have much negative impact on the business. After all, the purpose of this move was to enable the company’s growth! This means that you will have to handle the planning of your enterprise move like a pro! The best way to avoid mistakes is to establish a timeframe.

    Be realistic about the time you have, and begin planning at least two or three months before your actual moving day. There are a lot of activities and tasks that come before and after your business move to Fort Lauderdale. The timeline should help organize these tasks in stages, so you don’t forget to complete any of them. The first thing you ought to do is set a move date and work backward from there.

    To-do list of planning a business move to Fort Lauderdale
    Once you create a timeframe of your office move, the vision will easily become reality!

    Hire professionals

    Time for the next step; and this one is usually crucial in these kinds of complex projects!  Once you determine a budget and decide around the date, think about hiring a professional moving company Fort Lauderdale FL for your office move. For this, you may have to do some research and ask for referrals to find the most experienced and reputable one with fitting prices.

    This is a great time to include your employees. You can assign this task to a few different people in your company, where each would be researching different companies, and later comparing their notes. Finding the right moving company could require some time, but it will pay off. 

    Moreover,  think about hiring professional packers as well if your budget allows it. The only thing left would be to pack up personal things from desks or offices. Wouldn’t it be nice to save your employees and yourself the trouble of packing?  You can be sure that the commercial moving crew will lift a great burden off your shoulders and make the move so much more efficient.

    Set up communication plans for your business move to Fort Lauderdale


    As with personal moves, you will need to inform the post office, bank, IRS, the creditors, etc. Start preparing everyone you do business with for the move by sending e-mails and letters, so they can plan accordingly. These are some of the subscriptions, mailing listings, and websites where your old address will need to be updated:

    • Business accounts
    • Company website
    • Social media accounts
    • Financial institutions
    • Accounts receivable and payable
    • Listings on Google, Yelp, etc.
    • Magazine and newspaper subscriptions
    Social network apps that are useful when planning a business move to Fort Lauderdale
    Make sure to notify all your vendors and clients about your business move to Fort Lauderdale!

    Announce your new address, update it on business cards, stationery and websites. Don’t forget to place notification at the old business location to let clients know the date of your move, the new address, and make sure to leave a contact. 

    It is a good idea to send out one reminder to your clients a month before your move, and one final reminder the day after the move to make sure. Also, make sure to transfer the utilities on time, so you can have the office ready by the time you get there. 


    It is important to keep your employees informed and up to date at every step of the process. Relocation could mean different things for each of them. For instance, some may have to change the way they commute. It is a good idea to conduct regular meetings and keep an updated schedule on a bulletin board. This way, they can keep up with the progress.

    Moreover, everyone’s concerns and comments could be addressed. Since you will not be able to do everything by yourself, consider setting up a move committee. Involve your staff early by assigning them tasks that need to be completed.

    All in all, good communication and cooperation with your employees is crucial. It will contribute to a good organization, and it will also make the transition easier for everyone.

    Team meeting
    Conducting regular meetings will enable your employees to keep up with the progress.

    Get the space ready

    • Design a floor plan before the business move to Fort Lauderdale – Pull out your new office space layout, and use the opportunity of starting fresh to create a new floor plan that encourages efficiency and productivity. It is supposed to reflect you, your ambitions and your work.
    • Add to the ambiance -You also need to have in mind that the office is where you and your employees spend most of your time. This is why, in addition to function, you ought to think in terms of the atmosphere as well. You will want to create as pleasant and as inviting atmosphere as you can.
    • Spruce up the decor – Seize the occasion. Equip the place with some new and stylish furniture or equipment. If you have got the time and means, consider the little details as well, as they can contribute greatly. However, don’t forget to take some measures of the new office to make sure that everything that needs a lot of space will fit.
    • Arrange the plug-in – If you are working with professionals, the service of the Internet, phone, cable connections, and IT systems will be so much easier. Test your technology to make sure your business can get back online as soon as possible.

    Celebrate your successful business move to Fort Lauderdale

    Colleagues celebrating.
    Having your employees by your side will reduce the negative impact of the move.

    Appreciation is best served with a celebration! A party will represent not only a ‘thank you’ for the cooperation, but it will leave some long-term effects as well. This will give your employees proof that their work, dedication, and loyalty is recognized and valued.

    And this, my friends, is the key to a long-lasting and good professional relationship! Moreover, this kind of party means you can finally relax from all the moving stress and drama, and tap your shoulder for a work well done!

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