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Safety measures to consider when moving a hot tub

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    When moving a house, you will probably worry about a lot of things. The safety of your items will be a huge concern. You will think about how to properly pack everything up, how to deal with the paperwork, who to pick as your Florida movers, what to wear – even about the weather. However, one of the most important things you should be concerned about is the safety of everyone involved.

    And nowhere is this more true than when you need to lift heavy items. You need a proper technique for this, as well as good equipment. If not, you are running a high risk of injury and damaging your items. Things get even more complicated when you are moving a hot tub and similar items. That’s why we go over must-know things about this task in today’s article.

    Consider calling professionals for help

    The first thing we need to discuss is asking for help. A lot of people are afraid of relying on local movers Fort Lauderdale, for whatever reason. However, getting professionals to help you can do nothing but ensure that everything goes smoothly during the move.

    Our workers are experienced, so they know exactly how to approach heavy lifting or moving bulky furniture and appliances. They will know exactly what the safety protocols are, and no injury will come from asking for their help.

    a girl talking to movers about moving a hot tub
    Talk to the relocation company about relocating a hot tub.

    What’s more, thanks to their experience, they know how to deal with special problems that can come from hot tub relocation. For example, moving it up or down a flight of stairs can often be a problem you simply cannot solve by yourself. However, one thing holds true. Even if you are working without the movers (and especially when working with them), you will need a good plan to move the hot tub.

    A good plan is a foundation for the moving process

    Even though it might seem like you are always racing the clock during a move, it is important to take the time and plan everything well. Sit down with a piece of paper and write all the necessary steps.

    This will not only help you so that you forget nothing, but it has many other benefits too. For starters, you get an overview of everything you need to do. This can put a lot of things in perspective, so you can prioritize them right at the start. You will also not run into any unexpected problems since you will prepare for them.

    This also includes the process of moving a hot tub. You will want to figure out the necessities you need to have, and create a list of them. Usually, the first thing on this list will be moving help. Even if you are not using our moving services, you will still need a couple of friends to help you lift the hot tub monstrosity. However, be mindful of how you are asking your friends.

    Some of them might just not be comfortable with lifting heavy items – and you need to understand and accept this. If they are, then ensure you have some pizza to bribe them.

    a checklist
    Create a good plan first.

    When it comes to other supplies, you will want a couple of 2×4 wood pieces, as well as some furniture dollies and moving straps. These will all come in handy when moving the tub as well as securing it in place. Put them down on your list and mark everything that you already have. This way, you will ensure that everything is ready when the time to lift the hot tub comes.

    Preparations for moving a hot tub

    The best way to avoid injuries during a hot tub relocation is to prepare the tub well. However, keep in mind that this will take some time to do thoroughly – so plan accordingly. You will want to set aside anything from a few days to a whole week, just in case.

    Then, you will want to grab the owner’s manual and read through the directions there. If you do not have it, you might be able to dig it online – websites like ManualsLib are often a great source of things like that. You might even need to reach out to the manufacturer for a copy.

    This is important to do because the steps there is usually the most correct way for moving the tub.

    Disconnect, drain, and wipe the hot tub

    You will start by disconnecting it and draining it thoroughly. Make sure you also take a lot of pictures of the setup. That way, you will not mix anything up during transport. Even if things do get mixed up, setting up the hot tub again will be a piece of cake when following the images. However, make sure you insulate your cords further, by wrapping them up in plastic. If you can detach them from the unit, do so. Just remember to label them so you know which cable goes where later. You will want to do the same for the box with components.

    When it comes to draining the hot tub, you will want to be very careful. You will need to use a pump or a hose to dispose of the chemicals in the water. Do not just dump the water on the lawn because the chemicals can damage it. You should find the instructions on how to do it properly in the manual, just like with everything else.

    cleaning products
    Make sure your hot tub is clean and dry.

    Finally, you will want to wipe your tub. You do not want any moisture when moving a hot tub, because it can cause problems. It can make the tub slippery, and – even if you keep it in a good storage unit – can cause mildew and ruin your tub. relocating a hot tub without wiping it will also mean that the tub will be even dirtier when it arrives at its new location – which makes your job more difficult after the fact.

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