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If you are looking for professionals in fine art, military, and senior moving, you are in the right place.

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The advent of the moving industry means that moving companies need to compete with more and more people. This, in turn, prompts them to be better and more affordable! However, there is something that varies from a company to a company – and can be a dealbreaker when you need to pick one over the other! These are special services Florida they offer, and there are no better ones than you will find with Vision Movers! Call us today to learn more about them, or to schedule the visit to our company representative or estimator!

our special services include moving your artwork
Fine Art moving is just one of our special services!

Vision Movers offer a variety of special services:

  • Fine Art moving is for those with delicate art pieces;
  • Military moving is for people in the military;
  • Senior moving is for retirees and seniors.

Fine Art moving

There is a lot that you need to think about when you need to move fine art. Whether you are relocating important paintings, sculptures or similar items, you need to be very careful. Damaging these can lead to horrific repair costs – if you can even repair them. This is why you need not only special care but also special moving equipment!

Luckily, Vision Movers are more than ready to carry these items for you! We have both the experience and the equipment necessary to first pack the items correctly, secure them during transport and then take them to their destination safely! This is why Fine Art moving is one of our most popular special services in Florida!

Military moving

At Vision Movers, we are very well aware of how difficult it can be living it the military or having the loved ones who are in the military. That is the reason why one of our most important special services is Military moving! We created it to fit the busy schedules of our military personnel as well as their special needs.

toy tanks
We have special military moving services.

So, if you are a military person, or need to move due to military, then call Vision Movers! We will help you with everything – from logistics and packing to transporting your items! It doesn’t matter if you are moving long-distance or locally – we will do our best to make sure this process goes without any stress!

Senior moving

Finally, there are our Senior moving services! Moving as a senior can be quite stressful. Having to leave a home that you spent your whole life in can be a nightmare for some people. What’s more, seniors often have special needs and items that help them with these. This is why at Vision Movers we have special services FL dedicated only to seniors.

We strive to make everybody happy – and this includes the elders. Our workers are highly trained and professional, and will do their best to both protect the clients’ items, as well as make the move comfortable for them! So, if you are a senior moving, or you need to move an elder, call us today!

They are 5+ movers. The guys were professionals. Price was great. The guys came on time. Moved my stuff without damages. My safe arrived without the lock being triggered. I am going to use them again.

Marie Ramirez

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