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Tips for moving safely during the COVID 19 pandemic

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    Moving is always a challenge. But the outbreak of the pandemic has added to the complexities. In an attempt to stop the spread of it, some countries have even closed their borders. Nowadays, social distancing is the norm. Also, guidance on public health changes often. Of course, this makes it more difficult to plan future endeavors.

    However, moving isn’t always something that can wait. Our experts at Vision Movers Fort Lauderdale, FL, have a few tips for moving safely during the COVID 19 pandemic. If you’re planning a move or you’ve booked your date already, the following text will come in handy.

    Woman writing on a cardboard box
    Relocating safely during the COVID 19 pandemic requires thoughtful planning

    Prepare for moving safely during the COVID 19 pandemic

    Planning and preparation is the key to a successful move. This is even more important for moving safely during the COVID 19 pandemic. If you’re in doubt, it’s good to know that movers are considered an essential business, so they do operate as usual.

    You can take pro moving assistance, and rely on the guidance of your mover from start to finish. Local moving, as well as to a different state, for instance, moving from Florida to Colorado is feasible. However, make a point to prioritize your safety and well-being at all times. Here’s what to consider, to see your project through successfully:

    • Have a plan
    • Book a good mover
    • Packing
    • Disinfecting
    • When to postpone your move

    Plan your move in detail

    Under normal circumstances, a good plan of action will determine the outcome of your moving project. However, during the pandemic, a detailed moving plan is essential to keep you and those around you out of harms’ way. Some reports suggest that during the pandemic, most Americans move to be closer to their families than they do for work.

    If you need to move a significant distance, book your long distance movers Florida well in advance. Know exactly what your moving project entails, and take as much pro help as you can. If you know what exactly you need to do, and what to expect, your move will be carried out quickly and efficiently, thus, you’ll minimize contact and potential exposure.

    Carefully choose your mover and ask them questions

    Most reputable movers have protocols and procedures in place, in order to keep their staff and customers safe during the pandemic. So, call your movers in Pompano Beach and make a closer inquiry on the precaution they take. This will not only give you peace of mind, to know that the mover cares about your safety and health, but it’ll also help you plan your move better.

    If you know about any potential restrictions or delays that may occur, it will be easier to find a way around them, or at the very least, they won’t come up as a surprise. Also, make sure to review your cancelation policies. Remember that a good mover will always prioritize yours, and the safety of your belongings. A dependable mover is crucial for moving safely during the COVID 19 pandemic, so make a good choice when booking your services.

    A mover with a face mask loading a box
    Contact your mover by phone and ask about the safety precautions they take during moving

    Relocating safely during the COVID 19 pandemic – packing

    Packing requires you to gather packing materials and dedicate your valuable time to boxing up your items. It’s best to know what supplies will you need, and make one trip to the store to purchase them. Knowing exactly what will you need, however, is a tricky task. People always end up buying either more or less packing supplies.

    To make it easy for yourself, book your packing services Fort Lauderdale for the best outcome. Your mover will provide you with an adequate quantity of packing materials you need. Moreover, you wouldn’t have to spend days, if not weeks wrapping and packing your belongings. Pro packers will safely prepare your items for the transport, in a fraction of the time, you’ll need to do it yourself.

    Before moving in, thoroughly disinfect your new place

    Many reports suggest that the virus can live on different surfaces for an extended period of time. So, before you move into your new place, give it a thorough cleaning and disinfection. Even if you’re sure it was cleaned already, consider giving it a once over. Focus on the frequently touched surfaces, such as door handles, lamp switches, tables, sinks, toilets, etc.

    Also, while you’re sorting your items for packing, you may consider giving them a thorough clean and wipe them with a sanitizer. You’ll ensure they’re safe and clean to move them with you to your new place. Relocating safely during the COVID 19 pandemic requires you to pay attention to cleanliness, as much as you can.

    A person sanitizing phone - moving safely during the COVID 19 pandemic
    Disinfect the frequently touched surfaces with a sanitizer

    Should you consider rescheduling your move?

    Relocating safely during the COVID 19 pandemic is a viable option. As we’ve discussed so far, a good mover will facilitate your project and will give you useful guidance on how to organize for the best results. So, generally, unless you have a particular reason, you should feel at ease with proceeding with your move.

    However, some people are at a particularly higher risk of health complications at this time. Individuals over 60, and those with cardiovascular and respiratory conditions should refrain from moving, if possible. Also, if you’re experiencing any of the coronavirus symptoms, you should tell your movers.

    Transparency is vital for stopping the spread of the pandemic. Other than that, following the standard rules and applying them to your move is the best practice to carry it out safely.

    To sum up, moving safely during the COVID 19 pandemic is possible if you follow the above tips. Prioritize your health and safety, and be considerate about the well-being of your moving crew. Finally, our experts are here to assist you at any stage of the move and keep you and your belongings safe. Good luck and stay safe.

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