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Top outdoor activities in North Lauderdale

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    North Lauderdale is a great place to be, work, and raise a family. If you are a newcomer to the town, you might want to know all kinds of outdoor activities you can do once the weather permits it. This is why we made this shortlist of outdoor activities in North Lauderdale you can enjoy this summer!

    Water outdoor activities in North Lauderdale

    If you moved recently via your choice among moving companies in North Lauderdale, you had just enough time to settle down before the warm weather invited you to enjoy the outdoor activities in North Lauderdale. And, of course, with its proximity to the Atlantic ocean, where else would we start if not with water activities you can enjoy in North Lauderdale?

    Well, first, get some good food at various seafood bars and grills. Florida is known for its seafood and you will find that North Lauderdale offers some fine cuisine. It will give you the energy to do all kinds of fun activities in Fort Lauderdale Beach Park, a short drive away from North Lauderdale.

    surfing a way - outdoor activities in North Lauderdale
    Experience the ocean!

    Take your surfboards and give surfing a shot on the ocean waves near the (appropriately named) Seabreeze Boulevard. This park is definitely a good spot to have fun for the whole family. Come in early enough and you will enjoy some pretty awesome beach spots without huge crowds, though those will appear later.

    If you are ready for something more adventurous, raise the black flag and go on the BLuefoot Pirate Adventure! You will also find it on the same Seabreeze boulevard.

    If you are more for spending time on sweeter streams, go to the Everglades park (we will talk about this one more in the parks and nature section).

    Finally, for some scenic views, drive to the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse. Or rather, drive almost to the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse – you will need a ferry for the last portion of the trip. You can either go by yourself or with guided tours.

    Parks and nature

    If you are more in a mood for spending time in nature after a stressful period of preparing your relocation with your company of choice among moving companies Pompano Beach, you are in luck. There are several parks of nature you can visit!

    ducks in water
    Enjoy the Southern Florida nature
    • Everglades park – As first among park and nature outdoor activities in North Lauderdale we will recommend is visiting the Everglades Holiday Park! Gator shoes, archeological sites, and great views. What more could one ask for?
    • Hampton park – Want to see a natural oasis in North Lauderdale? Visit the Hampton park as soon as possible!
    • Daggerwind Nature Center – For pure, family-friendly nature experience, go to Daggerwind Nature Center in Boca Raton, close by.

    In summary

    In conclusion, there are a lot of outdoor activities in North Lauderdale just waiting for you. So, be it that you are going alone, with a partner, a family or some friends, mark a date on the calendar and prepare to have some fun and relaxation!

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