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Ways to spend the first day in your new home

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    Moving is an exciting and arduous experience. Having finally finished moving and having the first day in your new home is going to be very exciting. There are so many possibilities and new things to experience, ways to organize your home, people to meet. There are some things you should do to make this day more enjoyable. And in turn, make settling in easier and more efficient.

    Unpack properly

    Unpacking is one of the first things that you will do once you have moved in. And it is also one of the most important ones to do properly to avoid wasting time and damaging your things. Fort Lauderdale movers are always a good solution if you want to pack and unpack as efficiently and safely as possible. You will have less work to do then, which will make the first day in your new home less tiring.

    Man and woman sitting on floor next to a labeled box
    Get the kitchen ready so that you can cook something nice on the first day in your new home.

    Make sure to unpack the necessities first

    All the boxes should ideally be placed in rooms for which they are intended, your movers will most likely do this for you. The boxes need to be packed safely and labeled correctly. To ensure this it is advisable to use high-quality packing supplies in Fort Lauderdale.

    Some of the necessities:

    • Essential clothes
    • Medications
    • Items for personal hygiene
    • Chargers
    • Paperwork

    Get kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom ready for the first day in your new home

    Since these are the rooms you will be needing the most, after unpacking essentials make sure that these rooms are ready to be used too. For the kitchen get essential appliances which you will need hooked up and make sure that they have not been damaged in the move and are working properly. Then get the smaller appliances like coffee machine, toaster, blender. Also unpack pots, pans, and everything else you might need.

    Once all of that is ready you can unload food into the pantry. You can focus on organizing the kitchen properly later when you have more time.

    When the kitchen is ready, assemble the beds. Unpack pillows, linens and make the bed so that it is ready for the much-needed rest after a tiring day. Maybe also unpack the alarm clock should you need it, and a change of clothes for everyone to have for the next day. Lastly, there is the bathroom.

    Make sure that water is running and that everything is working properly. Unpack bathrobes and towels, soaps, shampoos, and other necessities. You will thank yourself later when you enjoy a nice shower after you have gotten dirty and sweaty from all the work you had to do on the first day after the move.

    Man and woman sitting on bed next to boxes
    Make sure that the bedroom is ready for much-needed rest after a tiring day.

    Additionally, movers in Broward county can offer you a lot of services, like packing. Or help with the relocation, so you can always ask them additional questions.

    Check is everything working properly

    You should have already transferred all the utilities in your name. But one of the first things that you should do on the first day once you get to your new home is to check whether water is running, there are electricity and gas.

    If there are some issues with any of them it’s best to notify the utility company as soon as possible as it might take some time to fix it. Additionally, you should check all the locks, doors, and windows to make sure that they are working properly.

    Assemble all the essential furniture

    Another important thing to tend to is furniture. You have to assemble the furniture you will need on your first day after moving in. The kitchen table and some chairs will be necessary, both for sitting down to rest a little and eating later. You should have enough chairs for the neighbors to sit down as well, should they come to welcome you to the neighborhood.

    A couple assembling furniture
    Assemble the furniture in order of importance.

    Get familiar with the surroundings and greet your neighbors

    Whether you are moving to Fort Lauderdale to enjoy its beaches and sunny days. Or moving from Florida to New York to enjoy the diversity of people and seasons. You should go for a ride, explore and find new restaurants and street vendors some of which will in due time become your favorites. Keep up with local events and happenings and you will undoubtedly find some that you will enjoy.

    It probably seems like something that can be left for later. But should they not visit due to not wanting to intrude or being shy. Introducing yourself to your neighbors would be good to do on the first day in your new home.

    It will show that you care about forming good relations with your neighbors and they will appreciate it. While you are there you can discuss things like property lines, trash routes, and other things you might need to know.

    Figure out the dinner

    You are going to be very hungry after working the whole day. Your kitchen should be ready to use by now and your table and chairs assembled. Maybe cook something nice to finish off nicely the first day in your new home. Or if you are too tired maybe order some food. You can also ask your new neighbors to recommend some good places to eat out and go for a nice dinner in a local restaurant.

    Get a good night’s rest

    The first day in a new home is always going to be tiring and exhausting. You have worked the whole day, moved boxes, furniture, and other things. It is mentally exhausting too. You will miss friends which you have left behind. But there are ways to cope with the stress of moving.

    And don’t be too hard on yourself or push yourself too much, you can’t do it all in one day. So don’t stay up too late working, as you will be doing the same in the coming days. Instead make a plan for the following days and weeks, so that you can efficiently settle into your new home. And you need enough rest for that. So get enough sleep to be ready for the next day.

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