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What are the different types of moving estimates

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    We all know that moving from one address to another can be stressful and demanding. From finding and hiring a reliable moving company to get everything set to move. There is a lot of planning included when the time for moving comes, regardless if you hire residential or commercial movers Fort Lauderdale.

    In addition, you will have to keep your budget in mind all the time. It is important to handle your expenses properly since moving brings a lot of costs. Luckily, many moving companies provide free moving estimates. Also, you can get the different types of moving estimates and opt for the one that suits you best.

    In case the terms non-binding estimate,” “binding estimate,” and “binding not-to-exceed estimate” don’t mean anything to you, we will explain to you the types of moving estimates. After reading this article, you will know what is the best solution for you.

    Prepare to consider different types of moving estimates

    Today hiring moves is an inevitable part of conducting your moving process. Even if you start your moving preparations on time, you will find moving help precious in many circumstances. Regardless of the experience you have when it comes to moving your home before, professional help is the most efficient way to perform your move. The only thing, in most cases, that keeps us from hiring a full-service moving company is our budget.

    Woman search different types of moving estimatess
    Get ready to research the different types of moving estimates.

    Once you find a trustworthy moving company such as our Fort Lauderdale moving and storage is, you will wash to get as much help as you need. But when you know you must be careful when it comes to your budget, you will consider how much help you could afford. Anyway, hiring movers can run from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, it depends on your requirement.

    Also, the price could depend on who you hire, the distance you need to cross, and what services you opt for. Here come the pats where you will face different types of moving estimates.

    Moving quotes or estimates are a way for you to realize how much your move is going to cost. And different types of moving estimates could work in many different ways. Whether you are moving locally or moving cross-country, the same rules about moving estimates will apply.

    Some companies might give you different types of moving estimates based on the type of your relocation. Nonetheless, it does not matter how small or large your move is, you should get a moving estimate anyway.

    You can choose between different types of moving estimates

    There are three different types of moving estimates that you will be offered:

    • Non-binding moving estimate;
    • Binding estimate;
    • Binding not-to-exceed estimate.

    You should know that understanding the ins and outs of your moving estimate is extremely important to a successful move. For that reason, our moving experts will never recommend blindly agreeing to a moving quote. Whether you moving within State of Florida or any other state, remember to get the written moving estimate. Also, you should never sign a contract without thoroughly doing your research on the type of estimate offered first. This will include the pros and cons of your moving estimate.

    Opt for the type of estimate that suits you best.

    What you should know about non-binding moving estimate

    A non-binding moving estimate is the most usual out of all other types of moving estimates. According to its name, a non-binding estimate is not bound by a contract, and it is a rough estimate of what your move might cost. In case you accept a non-binding moving estimate you will have two possible options.

    The first option means that a moving agent will come to your address to examine and estimate your load. The second option related to a non-binding moving estimate is a chance to get this moving estimate over the telephone or through e-mail or. All you need to do is to give the accurate weight of your things to the moving company. This way they will be closer to the actual value.

    The advantage of this type of moving estimate is that they are usually free of charge. Also, they will give you a clear picture of the moving costs you will have to pay. This will enable you to set your budget properly. On the other hand disadvantage of a non-binding moving estimate is the price is not accurate and set, which means the costs can change on a moving day.

    For instance, if you are hiring long distance movers Florida and accept this type of estimate, you will not know what amount you will have to spent on the big day. Unluckily, this is why this type of estimate is not the best option, especially when it comes to long distances.

    Pros and cons of binding estimate

    A binding moving estimate means that the estimator, in this case moving company, guarantees a fixed price based on the estimated weight of your belongings. After you get a written binding moving estimate and decide to accept it you will have to sign an agreement.

    That agreement will legally bind both sides to that price. For example, if you are moving from Florida to Colorado and get its type of moving estimate, you will know the punctual cost you will need to pay for your move.

    Moving boxes
    Consider the cons of this type of estimate again.

    The main advantage of this type of moving estimate is that you will know exactly what is the costs of your move. Another positive aspect of binding moving estimates is that you will pay the same amount even if your belongings exceed the estimated weight.

    Nevertheless, if your items end up weighing less than estimated, there will be no changes to the price. Still, you will need to pay the agreed price. Another con of this type of moving estimate will be noticed in case of adding belongings after you signed the agreement. This way you will risk breaking the agreement and paying penalties.

    Binding not-to-exceed moving estimate

    The binding not-to-exceed moving estimate is the most desirable option for customers. Besides different types of moving estimates, this one is considered to be the best one. You will not have to pay more even if the weight of your load exceeds the original estimate.

    Another pro of this type of estimate is that you could end up paying less than first agreed upon. In case your shipment weighs less than originally calculated and estimated, you will only pay the price of shipping the actual weight and save the money. 

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