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What should essentials moving boxes contain?

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    The atmosphere on the moving day can be pretty hectic – no doubt about that. Therefore, it’s only logical that you do whatever you can to make things easier. For instance, and you may find it hard to believe, even something as small as packing the essentials moving boxes can make a big difference. So, after you hire one of the best movers Fort Lauderdale to help you with your relocation, be sure to pack a box full of items you’ll need on a daily basis.

    Those essentials moving boxes are like survival kits

    Don’t worry if you have no clue what the essentials moving boxes are. That’s why your trusty movers Pompano Beach are here to help you out. In a nutshell, it is a box that contains your most basic necessities. It holds everything you’ll need on the moving day and in the first couple of days after. At the end of a long day of moving and cleaning, the last thing you’ll probably feel like doing is digging through dozens of boxes to find what you need.

    Thanks to your survival boxes, it will be a lot easier to survive the moving chaos. Basically, you’ll have easy access to everything. From preparing small meals to taking a refreshing shower, and cleaning your new home.

    Have them by your side at all times

    In order to make it work, make sure that your open-first boxes are always close by. At best, it should travel with you since it can easily fit in the trunk of your car. This way, you will have your essentials at hand during the trip.

    Furthermore, once you get to your new place, you won’t have to wait for the moving truck to arrive with them. Instead, you can simply proceed with your first day in the new home. However, if you really don’t have space in your car, this is the last thing to pack and load, so you can unload it first.

    What should your essentials moving boxes contain?

    1. Toiletries and bathroom necessities

    • Hand soap
    • Toilet paper (at least 2 rolls)
    • Hand towels
    • Toothpaste & toothbrush
    • Shower supplies, towels & washcloths
    • Deodorant and other personal hygiene items
    Pack essential moving boxes that contain bathroom necessities.
    It’s a good idea to pack one large survival box for the whole family that contains some hygiene and bathroom items.

    2. Kitchen items

    • Plastic utensils and plates for each family member
    • A couple of glasses and mugs
    • Bin bags
    • Dish soap and sponge
    • Very basic cookware (pot/pan)
    • Coffee maker (or tea kettle) & supplies
    • Snacks (cereal bars, a bag of crisps, chocolate bar)
    • Drinks (soft drink, water, whatever other beverages you’ll want)
    • Pet food (and something to put it in)
    • Easily cooked meals (such as oatmeal or mac and cheese)

    3. Bedroom essentials

    • Bed linens (sheets, blankets, pillowcases, etc.)
    • Pillows
    • Blow-up/inflatable mattress (if no furniture)
    • Extra blankets
    Bring the basic bedroom necessities with you to your new place.
    Your essentials moving boxes should contain bed linens, sheets, and blankets, so you can get a good night’s sleep after a long moving day.

    4. Shoes, clothes and outerwear

    • Comfortable shoes or slippers, and socks
    • Undergarments and pajamas
    • A fresh change of clothes – Pants/Shorts, Shirts/T-shirts/Sweaters
    • Jackets and coats for cold weather climates

    Make room for these in your essentials moving boxes as well

    Now that you’ve packed up the essential items, it’s time to fill up one final box with an assortment of other must-have items. Let’s see a few more examples:

    • Important documentation and paperwork for move day (while you may not use these, it’s a good idea to keep them close by in your essentials moving boxes)
    • Cleaning essentials
    • Portable tool kit
    • A first aid kit and prescription medicines
    • Electronics
    • Pet items
    • Scissors and knife to open boxes
    • Flashlight or candles and matches

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