Dear clients,
Due to the fact that the moving industry is categorized as an essential industry business, we are happy to inform you that the Vison Movers company is open for business during our regular hours. We are using all safety precautions concerning the COVID-19 situation. Our movers and packers are making sure to comply with CDC and WHO recommendations while meeting your moving and packing-related needs. They are provided with gloves and hand sanitizers and follow the social distancing rules in order to protect both themselves and our clients.
In order to maintain the health and safety of employees and customers during this state of an emergency, we:
• Practice all CDC, World Health Organization, State and Federal guidelines in order to prevent contagion in our community.
• Communicatie with our employees transparently- every mover and packer will self-quarantine if even the slightest indications of flu-like symptoms appear.
• Provide gloves (and masks whenever available) for our movers and packers to handle clients' property.
• Regularly wash hands whenever the running water is accessible and use hand sanitizers.
• Follow social distancing recommendations and keep a safe distance of 6 feet apart from clients.
• Ventilate the working spaces as much as possible.
• Frequently disinfect often-touched surfaces (door handles, break room areas, restroom surfaces, countertops).
• Clean and sanitize moving trucks after every finished job.
Vison Movers company makes sure to adhere to the guidelines set forth by authorities and health officials so that everyone would remain safe and healthy during the coronavirus crisis. We will inform our clients of any possible changes in our work and you are welcome to contact us for any additional information. Hopefully, this unfortunate situation will be over soon enough, in the meantime, we wish you all the best.
Thank you, Vison Movers

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What to do if your movers are late?

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    There are some things you can do if your movers are late. For starters, you cannot do anything about it. You can give your moving company a call only to see when your movers will arrive. Then, you should not vent out or anything of the sort. Instead, you should remain collected and composed and start working on your move until they finally arrive. Usually, professional residential movers are never late, but sometimes something can happen and they can run late. Fortunately, you will still have some work to do on your moving day. If not, you can always double-check everything. The key is to not let your frustration overwhelm you. Instead, you should turn it into something productive. Here are some of the best things you can do.

    Some of the best things you can do if your movers are late

    All good and reputable moving companies will respect their time and also respect the time of their clients. Fortunately, cases in which movers are late are really rare and you should not be worried much about that. However, sometimes the traffic might be too bad or they might have a minor accident on the road. This will delay their arrival. However, the key is to not be angry and upset about the things you cannot control. Instead, you should be focusing your energy on your relocation. Thus, the more you think about your move, the better you will do. So, you should focus on your move and you should not eat yourself in frustration.

    A woman crying from anger
    The most productive thing is to make sure you do not fall into despair

    One of the best things you can do is to double-check if everything is good to go. Once your movers arrive, you will not have much time to do that. Even more, your movers will be late you will definitely have no time to do that. Some of the best movers Pembroke Pines offers will almost never be late. However, we cannot affect some things that are outside of our control. So, you should contact your professional moving company and get to work. Double-checking is one of the best things you can do. Even more, you can start carrying your smaller items outside of your home. That way, you will actually speed up the moving process. We understand that it will be frustrating, but be composed and you will end with a successful relocation at the end of the day.

    Other things you can do while you are waiting for your movers

    While you are waiting for your movers, you can do some other things. For example, you can make sure that you have cleaned and prepared everything for your relocation. It might not be a bad idea to do some minor work as well. For example, you should unplug your electric devices so that your movers do not bother over that once they come. The goal is to be as efficient as possible. You might think that it is not fair and we are not saying it is. However, we are saying that you should make a bad situation into a good one. Fortunately, there are many ways you can do this. For example, you can also:

    • Finish your packing. No one is totally ready before their movers arrive. So, use this “opportunity” to make sure that you are ready.
    • Do some last-minute cleaning. Cleaning your home pre and post-move is really important. So, make sure that you clean it well.
    • Contact your movers and ask about when will they arrive. Simply give the best movers Fort Lauderdale FL offers a call and ask everything you need to know.
    • Ask some of your friends to come and help out. With more people working, you can even be ahead of schedule. So, make sure that you give someone you trust a call.

    What not to do if your movers are late

    There are some things you should not do even if your movers are late. For starters, you should never allow your frustration to get better of you. You will not help anyone and your movers will definitely not perform better with you standing over their heads and being angry about them being late. No reputable movers will ever be late on purpose. Something unexpected can happen and you might have issues with your relocation because of that. However, this is not an excuse to criticize and yell at your movers. You will not do any good with that, you will only demoralize your movers. Then, you will have even more issues with your relocation. Think about this one.

    Two people working
    Your moving company will find a way to compensate for them being late

    There will be plenty of time to unwind after a hard moving day. However, it is neither the time nor place DURING your moving day. So, you will have to think about some other methods to vent out before your movers arrive. The keyword here is “before”. So, you will have to make sure that your frustration is gone by the time your movers are there. We have already mentioned that you will not do any good if you let your stress dictate what you say to your movers. So, make sure to remain calm and to solve the situation in the best possible way.

    Additional information

    All in all, the goal here is to focus on your relocation and to do it in the best possible way. Remember, there will always be something more to do. So, you should check if all of the supplies you ordered are in your home. Simply do something that will keep your mind off of things. The situation is not good, but it is not bad as well. In fact, you can turn this to your advantage and learn something new out of it.

    A happy woman packing
    Put a smile on your face and start finishing up your move

    Your movers are late, so what?

    This is the best piece of advice we can give you. Take the “your movers are late, so what” attitude and you will be fine. After all, you cannot teleport them to your home to do work for you. They will arrive, they will apologize, they will compensate you for being late, and they will relocate you to the best extent of their ability. What is there to worry about, right?

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