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What to eat on moving day?

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    Figuring out what to eat on a moving day might be a tough decision. You should understand that you will need a healthy meal before physical labor. However, you should also know that overeating before your movers Fort Lauderdale FL might not be the best idea. Thus, the key here is to balance your moving day meal to make sure that everything goes according to plan during your move.

    Once you figure out your relocation/meal plan, you will be good to go to proceed with your relocation. In any case, if you have everything we have mentioned here in mind, you might find your relocation to be easy. For everything else, feel free to continue reading our guide.

    Some of the best things to eat on a moving day

    There are some specific types of food you need to think about when you create your moving timeline. For example, if you opt for a nice home-cooked meal in the morning, you might want to procrastinate for at least an hour before you start with your relocation. That way, you will not get nauseous when you start moving. Here are some really good food ideas for you:

    • A light snack. Some people prefer to have a light snack on their moving day. While this might be the healthiest option, it is not good for a long-distance relocation. Namely, you will need a lot of energy to go through a tiresome day. So, a simple light snack might not be good enough, unless you are doing a local move. Even then, you should consider having a heartier meal before relocating. Moving from Florida to New York is impossible on a light snack, for example.
    • Healthy food/energy drinks. A protein-spiced banana shake might be a good idea to have along with some fried eggs and vegetables in the morning. If you move with a large family, make sure to make enough food for everyone. A glass of orange juice or a cup of coffee can replace the protein/banana shake and it will serve the same purpose.
    • A hearty meal with a good-enough quantity. If you wish to have enough energy for the entire day, just make the ultimate Cuban sandwich. This should give you enough energy to relocate even to another country without any issues, depending on how long the trip lasts, of course.
    Salads and light meals
    Eat something light early in the morning

    Is there anything else you can do/add?

    Yes, there is. If you are relocating for a longer period of time, you might want to add some meal breaks and snack breaks. Of course, you will need to rest and relax after doing a large part of the job. Then, it would be the perfect time to prepare something special or to order one of the last takeouts in the area.

    If you finish your packing well before the timeline, you might even order some home-cooked meals as well (you could prepare some if you had any food left in the house). In any case, moving and relocation are hard. The only time you will relax after a tough move is, well, after it. So, make sure to have enough energy to last until then.

    A well-made pizza
    You can even sneak a slice of pizza or two if you are really hungry

    If you decide to call a professional moving company, do not forget to offer them some food as well. Make sure to offer your relocation crew some healthy food with a lot of energy before you do anything else.

    A good idea, as always, will be to not eat too much, but not to eat too little as well. You must find the perfect balance between those two options and we have some ideas about how you can achieve that.

    What exactly to eat on your moving day and how much?

    There are some food options for you to choose from when this is concerned. For example, you can never go wrong with:

    • Sandwiches. A good thing about sandwiches is that you can eat them when they are both hot, warm, and cold. There are no rules when sandwiches are concerned. Basically, you can enjoy them on your moving day, before your moving day, after your moving day, during your moving process, et cetera. If you make small enough portions, you can even use them as snacks. Thus, having some sandwiches is never a bad idea.
    • Beverage/liquid refreshment. While not necessarily something you “eat” staying hydrated and refreshed during your move is always a good idea. Moreover, having enough of your beverages is also good because you can share them with your movers and your family. It should provide enough refreshments for the entire day.
    • Mid-day meal. Usually, your relocation should be done before sunset. However, it might take longer than that. Since the last thing you ate will be in the morning (or some snacks a few hours later) it might be time for your moving mid-day meal. Since you have completed the majority of the hard work, you can treat yourself to something nice. A good burger is always a nice option, or a few slices of pizza as well. Make sure to offer some to your movers if they are still around.

    What NOT to eat when you relocate

    There are some things you do not want to eat on your moving day as well. For example, if you eat a lot of food in the morning, you might see that you cannot work properly if you start soon after. Also, heavy food should be avoided as well. Everything that will make you sleepy or take a lot of energy to digest should be avoided as well. 

    A breakfast sandwich
    Sandwiches are always a good idea for your moving day

    What to eat on your moving day – final remarks

    We sincerely hope that now you will know what to eat on your moving day. If you think about the type of relocation, you should be able to think of something to “keep you active” throughout the entire process. In the end, feel free to add something new to our ideas – they are not ultimate. Good luck with everything!

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