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What to pack in an overnight moving bag

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    No matter if you are moving across the street or across the country, moving is a stressful time for everyone. Taking into account all the difficulties associated with ensuring that all your personal belongings are kept and packed in boxes (or garbage bags), it is easy to forget about the merits of an overnight moving bag.

    Luckily, we are here to remind you of its importance and list the things you should pack in it. It may seem strange to you to pack your bag at night when you move to a new place. After all, you won’t be away for the weekend.

    Movers North Lauderdale FL will move all your property to your new destination right away. Regardless, it is absolutely necessary to arrange a sufficient bag for the night, because it can be difficult to find out where some of your main items are packed.

    Things you should pack in the overnight moving bag

    1. Important documents

    Any personal documentation, including birth and marriage certificates, real estate documents, licenses, school certificates, medical records, bank and tax returns, as well as invoices and receipts that must be presented at closing, must be kept and not packed in a moving truck of your movers Fort Lauderdale FL.

    This information may come in handy during closing proceedings or when unforeseen problems arise in other areas of your life.

    Moving contract
    Make sure you bring a signed copy of your moving contract, in case some misunderstanding arises

    2. Valuable items

    Before putting your home on the market, think about collecting valuable items, such as expensive jewelry and precious relics, and storing them with a trusted friend or relative or renting a safe. This protects your favorite items from disappearing during the move. When moving to Florida, keep the jewelry on yourself so that it does not get lost and go with a suspicious person.

    3. Money and credit/debit cards

    Put money and your cards in a moving box – you might as well throw them out the window! Keep money and bank cards in your wallet always. First of all, you will know that they are safe on your side. Secondly, if you need cash when purchasing goods in the middle of the way, they will be easily available.

    4. Toiletries

    Once you get to your new apartment, it can be tiring to look through a dozen boxes for your toiletries. When you unpack, it may be regrettable to realize that you have no idea where you packed your toilet paper.

    In addition to toilet paper, it is important that your overnight moving bag includes any cherished and indispensable toiletries. Keeping a toothbrush and toothpaste in a bag may seem like a simple matter.

    But you cannot forget to include other essentials for the bathroom, such as feminine hygiene products, lotion, shampoo, and prescriptions. Make sure you also pack your hand soap, face cleansers, body cleansers, hand towels, body towels. And everything you could include in your skincare or hygiene routine.

    5. Laptop

    You can reply to your emails and register with friends and family from your smartphone. However, keeping your laptop in your bag overnight will help you do your schoolwork and assignments more efficiently.

    Also, if you pack your laptop in your bag, this will ensure that it travels safely to your new home. To guarantee the safety of your electronics, you should pack any cameras, tablets or game consoles in your bag overnight to protect them from damage during your move.

    Laptop charger
    In addition, it is important to remember that any charger for your electronics must be included in the overnight moving bag

    6. Change of clothes

    Although you may know exactly where all your clothes are stored after packing for a move, it may take some time to unpack everything. It’s important to pack a couple of comfortable outfits, but make sure you don’t worry about getting dirty. In the end, you will move a lot of objects, organize, unpack and do a fair amount of cleaning. It is also important to keep your pajamas close so that you can sleep peacefully.

    7. Notebook

    Although you may not have enough time to write a lot during the first few nights at a new address, a notebook and some pens can be extremely useful for any move.

    If you bring a notebook and writing utensils in your overnight moving bag, you can write down all the important things that you may need in your new apartment. In addition, it will help you record all the notes about your new apartment. Regardless of whether there is a hole in the wall or a stain on the carpet, it is important to write these problems down in a notebook so that you can tell your homeowner or apartment manager later.

    Despite the fact that minor issues cannot be corrected by the administration of your apartment, noting it down, you will not pay for these scratches and abrasions when leaving.

    If you want to really use your notebook, you can also sketch out the floor plan of your apartment and draw where your things should go. Whether you are an interior decorator or not, this can be a great way to optimize the storage space.

    8. Bedding

    Your pillows, sheets, and blankets can be some of the most important things you can pack in your overnight bag. Without your bedding, it would be incredibly difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep the whole night.

    Bed sheets from the overnight moving bag
    Sleeping on clean sheets can also calm you down and prepare you for the long day of unpacking

    9. Snacks

    Although you may decide to treat yourself to takeout food during your first night in your new apartment, surviving on fast food and takeaway can be expensive, even if only for one night.

    Pack a few sandwich packages with snacks that you don’t need to store in the refrigerator (in case you need to wait to connect a mini-fridge). Granola bars, apples and a trail mix – these are additional snacks, which can be included in the overnight moving bag. In addition, they will keep you energized and motivated to unpack after the move.

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